Thursday, March 28, 2013

In the name of thrifty Decor

I want to share with you today how my brother has gotten creative with our back splash!  Yes, this is the linoleum on our kitchen floor! It is also being repurposed as back splash. There was such a good amount of it left over after

installing it as flooring, and rather than to spend another couple hundred dollars on fancy, or even semi fancy back splash, he decided to repurpose the left over's.  Not only am I thrilled that he repurposed, but I am proud of him too!

I mean just look at this work! For a guy who is dealing with MS, I think he is doing an absolutely incredible job!! He makes it look as if it was meant to be there, doesn't he? 

We are expecting the new counter tops to arrive next week and that will pretty much wrap up the kitchen make over. I can't express my feeling over this enough. I am sooo ready to have the kitchen done! I am ready to get it organized and have things actually put in their place. But the pride I feel for my brother is simply over the TOP! He has worked hard and really accomplished soooo much. 

Would you use linoleum as your back splash?