Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finally celebrating Spring~

Let me just say that I have been Green with envy for all of you celebrating spring. I didn't really have anything to paint, and had the itch to do just that.

Looking around the house, I decided this planter would be a perfect target! I bought it months ago when visiting our local Habitat for Humanity Restore shop. It matched our house and was only $5.00. One thing I definitely love is being spontaneous!

While waiting for paint to dry I went over to the Dollar Tree and looked for something to add to this planter. It is still too early here for any plants to go in it, but when the time comes I will add some moss, soil and pretty flowers to greet visitors.

I used 4 different Brands of paint on this baby!

The top row is actually a pastel pink...the one I used on the shutters and saloon doors. It is so very pastel that in pics, it seems to appear white. This is Clark and Kensington's paint. 

The middle row, is a yellow chalk paint I had on hand, and the bottom row is MMSMP's Luckett's Green. The four corner's are a pastel blue and it is by Royal. 

Clark and Kensington and Royal are both flat acrylic latex paints. 
All paints are just what I had on hand and the project was simply something to do on this wonderful Sunday! 

I like the fact that it incorporates paints that I already had, and they are soft pastel's easily used for Easter or to brighten up a room for Spring! Can't wait to get some pretty flowers growing in my little baskets!

As you know from experience, comments always make us happy!