Friday, March 15, 2013

An Auction Buy

Last night, my brother says, "oh, I almost forgot. It's Auction Night" and he was going to run out the door to go to it. I was under the impression, wrongly I might add, that there was no auction last night, but would be one Saturday. 

So I jump in the truck and go with him. Now mind you, it started at 6 pm, and it was already 7:30pm when we bolted over there. 


That meant we didn't get to preview anything. I should have just watched. 
Instead, my little hand shot up for a piece that I "thought" was going to be a nice piece. 
As we unloaded it
I discovered it was missing a caster. No biggie. I can put new ones on it. Right?

Then we took a real good look at it. 

It has a towel rack, and a inside shelf, and a bottom shelf, and a cutting board. 

But, it is all plaster board, covered with contact paper. I am going to disassemble it, remove the contact paper and start from scratch with it. I am doing that because the contact paper was already peeling off, and to be honest it was looking nasty that way. 

So I started. My brother helped me get some of the contact paper off with heating it up with a torch. 

Lessons of the day: 
Don't go to the auction late;
Don't bid without previewing!

To Be Continued!

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