Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A simple, tasty and easy Recipe!

I don't usually share recipe's here but I have one to share with you tonight. I just made it again, and have to say it is one of our favorites here. Anything I cook has to be easy because, well....I am just not the best cook!

Here is the link I got it from and I will give you my tips on how to enhance it!

I use Rice A Roni's Spanish Rice. Follow the directions on the package.
I use hamburger since chicken is rather expensive right now.

The black beans ...I just get the cheap can, drain well.

Once the burger is cooked and drained, I add the rice, corn, & beans. Simmer for 15 minutes.
That is when I add the salsa and top with cheese. And I use about half a jar of salsa. I save the sour cream for each to add their own on top. The best part is mixing up some guacamole to top it off with. I do not use tortilla's because it is too sloppy for them. Mine looks very much like the one in the photo with the recipe and it is Scrumptious!