Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Kitchen Cabinets

We have started installing new kitchen cabinets. My brother ordered these new, locally, and they are beautiful Hickory. I am sure my photo's will not do them ANY justice, but I thought I would share. He was going to rent a lift, but instead, I am helping and it is going rather smoothly.

Fist up is the upper, sink side. There is another one that goes on the other side of the window which will be last to go up.

He just ripped out the old cabinet this morning, taped and mud, then installed this one. It is where the dishes go, and they have already been put back.

Here is the one that goes over the fridge and the one next to it. There is one of those fancy cabinets in the corner. 

Turns out this is pretty easy!

Once most of the uppers are in, it will be time to get to the lowers. New linoleum is going in so kitchen will have to be empty. 

By the end of next week we will have new cabinets all around, new linoleum, and he finally decided to simply order new counter tops so will be picking it out tomorrow. 
(he was going to piece old counters together-we will have to do that temporarily until we can afford the new counter tops in April.)