Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dreamsicle preview!

Today I am sharing what I am working on now. 

I started this telephone table a couple of weeks ago in MMSMP. The paint chipped badly on the 1st coat, I didn't have enough paint to do what I would need to in order to fix the instant chippyness since I was working with a sample. So I stopped where I was until I decided what to do. 

Yesterday I had the itch to paint and the table was my target. I mixed up some chalk paint, adding color from a paint pod bought at my local Ace Hardware.

After sanding it down and getting smooth surfaces again, I went to work.

Here is a preview of 'Dreamsicle'!

I really wanted the experience of painting a piece with legs so this is the perfect piece to begin with. She is upside down in this photo because I have been working tediously on her legs, and she is far from done. So far I have only spent a few hours on her. I would like to have a perfectly painted piece once I am done. 

The color doesn't show well here due to lighting in my craft room upstairs but it really is a pretty color. 
I can't wait until I am done and can show you her new look!
Everyone is welcome to critique when she is done too. I need to know what you think!