Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starting a room makeover

I just made this decision tonight.

For the last 6 months while my brother has been remodeling the house, it has been best for me to stay out of his way and keep my dogs out of his way too. Consequently, we have spent a ginormous amount of time in my bedroom this winter. I am restless to say the least. With our yard full of standing water that then freezes solid I cannot really even spend time outside with the dogs, training or playing. I am tired of sitting on the computer. I want some furniture pieces under my belt!

My bedroom has changed often in the 6 months we have been here. The pictures that follow are what it looks like now. (It is a MESS!)

This is at the foot of my bed. My pallet shelf is now too low because I just put that over the door rack on it. That is going to be raised higher and the hooks for dog leashes are coming off. 

The wall this dresser is on butts up to the bathroom. See that ugly dresser? It is going to get painted eventually along with the night stand. 

This is my $5 cupboard for extra storage. You can also see the corner of my night stand. I swear this room is small. My 2 German Shepherds, two cats and I basically live in here! On the left is a red blanket on the window. RIght behind the night stand with dog dishes on it. The shelving unit under the cupboard is the one in my Question of the Day post earlier today. 
I haven't decided if I am going to paint the cupboard yet and am open for suggestions. 

The yellow wall is actually the closet. My bed sits sideways in there to open up this small room as much as possible. In the top left corner is a baby blanket covering the place where we took out part of the wall to give me two extra feet. It butts up against my brother's bedroom; it still needs to be sanded and the final mud applied and painted. 

This is my $15 rocking chair where I sit on my laptop and a $20 piano bench that serves as my side table for it. See the gap at the head of the bed? I bought an old telephone stand to sit my lmap on and fill the gap. I can't open that space up because there is a big round hose thingy in the corner behind the wall that heats the upstairs.

This last photo is my brand new bedroom door, and I have a dorknob waiting to be installed to!
For the last 6 months, I have had a blanket on my doorway waiting for this door.  It is Knotty Alder. 

So now you have an idea of how badly this makeover is needed. I am soooo uncomfortable the way it is right now. I do not like clutter and that is all I have. Eventually I won't have to live in my bedroom any more. There is one more MAJOR project to be done in the house, which is our custom kitchen cabinet installation. My brother ordered them, and they will be here in about a month. 

This is the last chance I will have to get my room donw until spring. It will give me a chance to get some pieces under my belt and then I get to start doing pieces to resell. That is my ultimate goal. 

Check back in during the course of the next few weeks to see how this project is coming. I will be updating every night, with pictures!!