Thursday, January 24, 2013

My local collectibles shop

When I spotted this shop today I just knew I had to turn around and go look. Sadly it was not open, but it will be soon enough. I looked through the windows. I drooled.  There were lots of audible oooh's and ahhh's coming out of me....uncontrollable excitement for what I was seeing. I Must get inside to see what there is below the surface! 

There was a note on the door with the name and number of the person to contact. I called on my way home, and can't wait for my phone to ring!n I couldn't take any pics because the sun is shining and I doubt I would get good pictures as the sun reflected back at me. But let me just say, the thought of getting in to see what there is inside this place makes me drool even more!

My visions just might come to reality after all, now that I have found this shop. It is HUGE and filled with delightful items I thought I would never find. Being in a historic town, I knew these things had to be here somewhere and now I have Found them! 

So ring phone, ring! One never knows what I might be able to arrange in terms of shopping, or perhaps even a delightful business deal. I am ever so intrigued!