Monday, January 28, 2013

My 1st DIY furniture piece!

I started my bedroom make over today. My first step was to drag that ugly 15 year old beat up shelving unit out to prepare. You know, the one with trim peeling off. Some trim wanted to peel off and some wouldn't budge even with a razor knife. Between my brother and myself, we spent nearly three hours trying to remove trim. What we could not get, I sanded down. Mainly out of frustration. I am sure there is something out there to aid in tough jobs like this, but my brother didn't make any suggestions so I sanded the rest. It isn't even or clean and doesn't look professional. At all. I decided to go ahead and start painting, because I can always change it later when and if that trim ever decides to peel off more.

I have had this thing for over 15 years and have moved it from rental to rental many times, not to mention how many times it was moved from one room to another, depending on what was happening in my household at the time. You can see on the bottom where trim came off, and where it wouldn't. 

I like how the top looks after painting it.

I mixed up some home made chalk paint for this project. Using non sanded tile grout and flat latex paint. 
The paint is a little brighter than I anticipated, but I plan on keeping this unit and it might make other pieces pop. Or I might have to paint it again another time. 
This piece is obviously far from being done. 
I will be getting some antiquing wax to finish it off after all the painting is done. 

Please, please, please....tell me what you think so far!!
 I am anxious to get it right!!