My Pets

First of all, the reason for all the new pages is to be a little more personable. 
My life is not all about painting furniture...YET! haha!

So I have two cats and two dogs. 

My cats: 
Kiki is about 13. I got her from my nephew when his cat had kittens and she was 6 weeks old when I brought her home. I originally named her Spicy. It didn't stick. She is a Tortie. At her age, her favorite thing to do is lay on a pillow on my bed most of the time, unless I want her to be quiet.

Pepe is my tuxedo guy. I adopted him when my son couldn't keep him any more. The cat was not afraid of the dog I had and I loved that. Now he is a pain in every way imaginable. Yesterday my brother was shaving and Pepe tried to help him.

He is a black and red long coated German Shepherd. 
I adopted him when he is 16 months old in Feb. of '09
His name is original-I did not change it, because I liked it! 
His nick name is Bubba
He is now 5 years old.
He is the one on the steps below. 

She is a black and tan long coated German Shepherd. 
I adopted her when she was 16 months old in June of '09
Her name is original too - I didn't change it because I didn't change Z's. 
Her nick name is Sissy.
She is now 5 years old too.
She is the one in the back above and doesn't pose for pictures much, but below she is on the right. 

That's it for now. Time to get some sleep!