House remodel

You probably know by now that I live with my brother in his house that he just bought in July. I like the house, and took lots of before and a few after pics as we have gone along. So I thought I would show some of the house here.

I got here right after the house closed. First order of business was the fence. I have two German Shepherds and they can't be out roaming the town. So we got right to it. 

My brother made a cute little design in the fence boards.

We have a HUGE yard for the dogs

When we first moved in there was no gas for the stove. No washer and dryer. We cooked on the BBQ which is fine during the summer. He also has a tub from an old washing machine and we use that for a fire it. He cooked a pork roast on that once. It was awesome! 
He didn't get the gas on until after the first freeze LOL
See the lean to in the back right corner?
That is my dog kennel, that my brother had ready for us when we arrived from Washington. 

He bought a washer and dryer off of Craig's List. But he wanted it in the basement which is really a cellar with limited room. The first week he had the washer and dryer, he hooked it up to the plumbing some how and we did laundry outside like this
We called it our Hillybilly Laundry Mat!
What a hoot!

Here is the Veranda

It's a nice shady place in the afternoon.
When we first moved in there was also not a lot of lights. We used anything we had and moved lights around for at least a month. 

The stairway going upstairs was too steep to take very fast too.

So my brother has changed the angle of the stairs, but I can't show what he did. It is not pretty.
I don't even like going up there because it is a wreck. 

So this is just a litle glimpse into my world. 

The insanity continues!