Saturday, July 16, 2016

After the Big Move...

As we all know, moving is hard work and extremely stressful. For me, this was the first time I combined two households. 

A little background: About 6 months ago, my mom's dementia had gotten so bad that dad and I were forced to move her into a care facility. Dad could not watch her 24/7 and she needed that kind of care. My help was not enough. I think mom has finally settled into the routine there, and we visit all the time.

Upon placing mom, dad knew it was time to get their big house sold. It was too big for him to keep up with and was starting to become a burden for him. e wanted me to move into a smaller house with him. Now I have lived alone for many many years, so I knew this would be a challenge. But the bigger challenge would be the move. 

We found a smaller house and dad bought it. This house was not even on the market. The transaction was completed, and it closed back in May. I managed to get dad moved over with the basics by mid June. At the same time I was working full time and trying to get started on the rental I was in too. 

We had a couple of yard sales. We gave a LOT of kitchen stuff away, especially coffee cups..LOL We had to sort through E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! From mom's personal belongings, to her treasures, to her clothing. Coats, hats, and dozens of afghans she had crocheted over the years. We had to decide what we had room for at the smaller house. What was going to work there. What would we do with mom's belongings. What about dad's tools, and all of my crafting stuff? 

Between the two of us, we were living in about 3,000 sq ft and moving into 1100 sq ft! 

I  had to sell a LOT of stuff from my house and dad's house. Everything including this bookshelf had to find a place to go, be it in the new house or to be sold. Plus 3 recliners, 2 beds, and soooo much more. 

There was also a trip to Washington in June that I had been planning forever. My oldest granddaughter was graduating from high school and I could not miss it. 

I needed this trip to de-stress anyway! It was so good to see my family! Sadly, this same granddaughter was out after graduation with her younger sister and cousin, and while they are all just fine, they got in a car wreck, 

After 4 days of visiting with family and making sure my grands were really alright, I had to come back to work and continue the move. The job I was on required long hours and left little time to do what I needed at home. My landlady made a trip down to collect some of her treasures from the rental, She left a  lot behind too for me to keep or not. Like a portable AC unit, a bench, and lots more. I was planning on moving by July 1st and the rental was also being sold. It was only on the market for a week before it sold. 

Soooo...all goals were met. I successfully moved both houses into the new one. This all started in May and I was done by July. Well, of course once I was moved there was still things to wrap up at dad's old house. We worked on that till last week and finally got it all done too. The next step is getting organized and decorating the new house. I started all of that huge process already too! 

One of my biggest wishes was to honor mom. Growing up, she had a strawberry themed kitchen and while we were forced to sell a lot of her strawberry collection, like her canister set, we also kept a good deal too, and these plates were some of the first things hung to honor my mom.  

Mom also enjoyed gardening and I found this cute little gardening and strawberry hanging photo which is  now above the kitchen sink. 

I still have a long ways to go in settling in and getting organized. Some things looks a total mess, like the dining room:

I am still adjusting to and learning about the fancy appliances, such as the convection oven with it's glass cooktop:

Meanwhile my dad is doing his best to drill a well to water the lawn, and I do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and of course, working full time too! 

But together, we are making this work. Some day the builder grade cabinets will be painted to brighten up the kitchen, and I am making curtains for that window in the back door. I am trying my best to incorporate my style of living with dad's old fashioned style :)

Stay tuned for more updates, as sporadic as they may be, given how busy this summer has been and will continue to be! 

Thanks for visiting!