Friday, April 22, 2016

What's going on at Givemeapaintbrush?

There is sooooo much going on over here at Give Me A Paintbrush!

As you might know, my mom is now in a nursing home. I visit her as often as possible. Sometimes I get to go daily, sometimes not. Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking her for a walk. She always loved the outdoors and gardening and the warmth of the sunshine.

As a result of moms placement, dad has decided to sell their house. It was far too large for them before this, and is certainly too big for him alone. I went to look at several with him, and he quickly found a house he liked and is in the process of buying it. His house is listed for sale as well. Together, my dad and I have had to go through my mom's belongings and make decisions about what to do with everything.

At the same time, I am getting ready to move into the same 1100 sq ft house. Yes, I am going to take on living with my dad, because eventually, he too will need care. Living together will also save us both a good deal of money.

Because of the fact that I am moving, I have been going through everything I own, deciding what to keep and what to sell or give away. For instance, my lawn mower that would not start, and my weed eater that was a headache to re-string.... I gave to the first one to come get them! My large 9 drawer, 5 ft long dresser is for sell, my tablet just sold, my recliner is gone. Anything and everything that I will not have room for. A good deal of stuff will have to go in storage for awhile too.

Due to the fact that I am moving, I had to share that info with my landlady. I have no specific time frame really as to when I will be out of here for sure, but she deserved to know. She is now in the process of preparing to sell this house, which in turn means I have to clean, clean, clean! This house needs to be show worthy! So what am I doing writing a blog post? Procrastinating!

Last but not least, there is my job! Traveling to various locations for road work, long days, and no time to spare. I have till Monday to get this house in shape, so I am not too concerned, really. I have been doing a lot as I have cleared out things I do not need and cannot take.

My craft room though is another story. At the moment, I swear I have 10 projects on my craft table, and can't find anything I need when I need it. Sound familiar?  My craft table and sideboard where I store all of my supplies, plus a plastic drawer thingy and another shelf all have to go with me. And my paint! Good heavens, where will it get stored?!

Who has time for crafting with all this going on! As it turns out, I squeezed in a simple project! I have always wanted an EAT sign and what better project to make for a new house! I found the little wooden animals in mom's things, melted to clasp off the back and used my trusty glue gun to attach them to the sign. Adding d-hooks to the back makes it easy to hang in the new house when we get moved in.