Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stamping Fabric with the Silhouette Mint!

Hello my friends!

I know that I am long overdue in writing a post, and today after the arrival of my Silhouette Mint, I am excited to share my experiment with you all!

As some of you may know, this has been a hard winter due to helping care for my mom. Yesterday we managed to move her to an assisted living home due to her dementia. I had ordered the Silhouette Mint with an idea in mind to make life easier at the home for mom. I know some people in assisted living homes label their belongings, and know my mom would want her possessions done the same. Furniture, linens, clothing. I just was not certain that this ink would work. Markers are so...grade school (nothing wrong with that, but I wanted a Mint) All my good reasoning for ordering a new toy! I will, of course, use it for crafting too...Bonus!

As soon as I received the Mint in the mail I popped it open, hooked it up and made my first stamp! I chose "So Loved" and tonight I stamped a piece of white material for my experiment. After stamping the material, I broke out my iron, turned it to the cotton setting with no steam to set the ink.

I let it sit awhile to cool and really set it and dry. Once I was ready off the phone, I took this scrap of material to the kitchen sink, ran some hot water, dabbed a fair amount of Dawn Dishwashing liquid into the fabric and scrubbed it a bit, rinsed the soap out and it did not affect the stamp...not one bit!  In the photo below you can see on this scrap material that my first try I did not press firmly enough to get a good stamp. You can also see I tried to stamp over it and was not lined up. The bottom one turned out okay though for a beginner I think.

I will be able to make a stamp with her name or initials and take an iron over and label her clothes, just like the labels in Hanes t-shirts! I do think there is a chance the ink could wear off or wash out after time, but it is an experiment worth taking the time to try in my opinion. I really scrubbed this piece to see if I could get that ink out, so I do think setting it with the iron was the trick. The ink washes off of skin just fine. I know this because I do Nothing without wearing it! LOL I wear paint, glue, primer, glitter, you name it....

My only concern at this point with the Silhouette Mint is I have no problem getting different sized stamps pads to make the thermal stamps, but the blocks have not been easy to find to order alone. I have some reading to do because I am a hands on kind of learner, and skipped reading the book.

The next part of my experiment will involve bleach. I think I need to know if the ink bleaches out too easy before I start labeling every article of clothing in the world!

I hope my experiments prove to me worthy of a stamping frenzy and that it inspired you to think outside the box and find more fun things to stamp with your Silhouette Mint! Be sure to check back for updates as I try new things with my new Silhouette Mint!