Monday, December 12, 2016

Metallic Vinyl FUN!

Hello my dear friends! It is so nice to be back to write a post and share a sweet little project with you!

Along with sharing a project, I want you to know that it also time for our Silhouette Challenge, and with that we have a very nice Giveaway for you to enter, so make sure you read all the way to the end of this post to see what all the excitement is about! 

So let's get this project going, shall we?

Lot's of people have been buying up the new Silhouette Cameo 3, and I am no different. It has been so fun to get acquainted with this machine!

I have been stocking up on vinyl for a few months now, and I have been getting it from a variety of sources. My favorite place to order vinyl from is, hands down, Expressions Vinyl. Not only are they close to my location, but they have fabulous products, and even better Customer Service. As I started stepping out of my comfort zone with colors and such, I discovered metallic vinyl. Wait till you see what this stuff looks like! 

So, as I started thinking about making Christmas gifts for family and friends, I instantly knew I just had to use this metallic vinyl in my project. My son was in the process of buying his first house, so a name plate sign for his new house would be perfect! 

Now I am a paint it kinda gal, but for this project, I wanted to skip the paint and let a light stain help this beautiful black metallic vinyl stand out. My son is also a hunter, and his girlfriend is an outdoorsy kinda gal so a deer head design was perfect for the two of them. I just know they are going to Love this! 

I found my deer head design in the Silhouette Store. Prior to all of this, I had purchased several 1x4's just for making signs. I had my dad cut the boards to make 3 plaques each, and the size is the same length of a Cameo mat. With a design fitting the mat, this would give the extra space to make the final project fit just right. 

I set up my new Cameo 3 using the autoblade setting for vinyl, and set the design to fit the mat comfortably without wasting space. I love the auto-blade feature! The metallic vinyl cuts the same as regular 651 or 631. My Cameo made this cut look like a knife cutting through butter. Not one mistake or bad spot...simply Beautiful!

Once the board was stained, dried and aired out completely, I used Silhouette Transfer Tape and pulled the cut design up from the backing, then carefully placed it on the plaque/name board. What are these boards called anyway?

Well, I knew right away that this is exactly perfect! When the light shines one way, the vinyl looks a bit like a bright black vinyl, but just a small shift in lighting shows the vinyl off in a magical way. I just love how it makes this sign look fancier and gives it a masculine look at the same time!

I noticed after I applied the design to the board, I had lost the center dash between their last names, so I made a new one, easy peasy.  Then I decided not to actually wrap the gift, since I have to ship it. Instead I added a ribbon and a quick bow that I made, and printed out a card to attach to it. This gift is in the box ready to ship out to my son and his girlfriend who are now new home owners!

In making gifts for my kids, my oldest daughter sent me a text of something her sister would like, and I came up with my own version of the sign. Here is the text photo.

Now I just could not wrap my head around the idea of sending a 1x2 or so in the mail, so I got creative (say it isn't so!) And started making my own version to send to her. This is where stocking up on vinyl came in handy! I wasn't planning on making this one, but by stocking up, I had everything I needed! 

Again, starting with my 13.5 by 11 or so board, this time I painted it white. I used my Cameo 3 to cut the words, 'Christmas Blessings' out in a column. I also cut out a nice green ornament to fill the center since my version had empty space in the center. 

In talking to my oldest daughter, she was telling me the clips to hold Christmas Cards were binder clips that were glittery red, and for the life of me I could not find any. As I was going through my stash of everything under the sun, these little mini clothes pins jumped out at me. I sprayed them with red glitter spray paint. 

Once the board was ready I applied the wording, the ornament and the glittery clothes pins. To secure the clothes pins on, I used my trusty glue gun. Now this gift is complete and ready to be boxed up and shipped out tomorrow too! 

I shared this photo with my oldest daughter yesterday. She then told me that as the two of them were out shopping, my younger daughter had spotted that and said she loved it, so my oldest daughter snapped a quick picture unbeknownst to her sister. That means when my youngest, Brigitte, gets this in the mail, she will be super surprised! 

The best thing my oldest, Rochelle, said, was "This kind of feels like calling up Santa's workshop and having a special request magically appear!" THAT makes having my Cameo even More fun! 

Oh, one more fun design I added to each of my kids gifts is this cute little tag to remind them of the Rules ;)

I made this out of viny somly because I wanted the vibrant colors we get with vinyl. And this is my first layering project. Nothing fancy here, just the red vinyl on a white vinyl square box. 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here's a new trick for you!

Do you have a Silhouette cutting machine? If you do, here is a trick to make some reusable journal cards!

First bring your print and cut design up in the Silhouette Software. I am using these print and cut journal cards because they are just the right size for this project.

Make sure to turn on your registration marks! 

For this project though, I need the cards to print in a column about 3-4" wide. You'll see why in a few minutes.  So I ungrouped the cards, then moved the print design AND the cut lines for each to stack them in a column. 

Moving on... I found this clear vinyl on that is about 3" wide. When I was ready with my cards, I used the clear vinyl to cover the design on my card stock. Center the clear vinyl over the design and try your best to not get any bubbles in it. 

Next, go back to your software, to the cut settings. I am cutting this project on my Cameo 3, but I am sure the cut settings would be the same for other Cameo's and the Portrait. I am using the auto blade, but I added some thickness in the settings to compensate for the additional vinyl plus the original card stock. My settings are: 
Auto-blade 3
Thickness 27 

Send to Silhouette! 

Next..and the whole reason I am posting this is that these cards now have a clear vinyl over them when you cut them, and now they can be used just like a dry erase board, but in personal note size! All you need is a dry erase marker and you can re-use these cards for a long long time, or make more using different colors, designs, add your own style...A damp cloth wipes away your memo/note and you are ready to write a new reminder! 

I think these will come in handy for a number of reasons for me. Now I can leave a quick note for dad to remind him of things he needs to do, or to tell him where I have gone. Like my dentist appointment tomorrow morning!  

Hope you enjoyed this little post and that you can get some clear vinyl to make your own re-usable journal cards too! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Conquering my fears

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! It is so nice to have you!

Before we get started, make sure you read all the way through and watch for the Giveaway at the bottom of the post! You will be thrilled to see what we have to offer! 

I don't know about you, but I have always been terrified to step out of my comfort zone. My 'zone' is plain ol' vinyl. Don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to try new things, but I am clumsy and tend to waste enough material while I figure out what the heck I am doing.

So for this challenge, I decided to push myself. I wanted desperately to do something different. 

Everything I did for this project was either by holding my breath, or done with the usual tongue action to help get it right (do you ever do that...make faces and hold your tongue just right? I swear it helps!)

I started by picking a random fall design from my Silhouette Library. In my case it was the campfire. I really only have glitter HTV in my stash, other than maybe two sheets of other colors, which would not work for the campfire. 

So I Picked the colors that would work with the design, resized them for a random shirt in my closet, and got to cutting. 

Of course I didn't remember to take a lot of pictures during the process. For that I am terribly sorry. 

I heated up my iron and got to pressing as soon as my cuts were done. 

First the logs, then the flames. On this tan colored shirt I didn't use the under layer for the logs. And let me tell you, by making this design quite small, the logs were not easy to weed, and they are FAR from perfect!

One thing I always seem to neglect is measuring the placement on my shirt, so that is something I will have to work on. I think it looks silly where I put it on the shirt. A bit off center and will sit about on my belly. Ughhh~ That's a learning curve for me to pay attention to! 

However, I stepped out of my comfort zone and layered HTV! That is something I have not even done with regular vinyl! And I have had my Portrait for about 3 years or so! 

Let's take a look at that again...

The colors of Glitter HTV are brown, red, orange and gold. The red and orange don't show up well against each other so if I do this again, I think I would switch the orange with the gold to add the right contrast. 

Of course just having a campfire on the shirt would seem silly, and with fall being upon us, I added the text in solid black. The font is Cotton Candy. 

After wearing the shirt as is for a few hours and feeling like a complete Dork, I got he bright idea to add a cowboy in a chair silhouette next to the fire. The hope was to make it look more evenly placed with a purpose rather than like I messed up, but that, I suppose, is up to the individual viewer. What say you?

I have a feeling I will be doing a LOT more projects and layering a LOT more HTV soon, This was a fun project to challenge myself and I can't wait to do more! 

BUT...I will be working on placement because it is so very important. 

I put this project together for 2 reasons. The first being to challenge myself to do something different, and the 2nd being to share with all the bloggers for the September Silhouette Challenge! It has been a long time since I participated in a Silhouette Challenge. This is fun to participate in and as always there is something in it for our viewers too! 

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Thanks for visiting and good luck! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New bedroom/craft room reveal!

Many of you saw on Facebook when I promoted a piece I was starting to work on last week. I am here to share the final piece and how it tied my (mostly) painted bedroom/craft room together!

She started out pretty beat up and looking tired and heavy.

With a piece like this, I always use General Finishes High Performance Top Coat as soon as the piece is sanded and cleaned. I do this to prevent any bleed through and with this piece, I fully expected bleed through due to the finish on it. Let me tell you, it was well worth the extra step!

I removed the hardware and got to work. Choosing a color or color combo is the hardest thing for me. I felt like this piece was screaming for a manly type of makeover in grays and blacks, silver, etc, however my space was screaming for something light and uplifting. Something that might keep me inspired to craft up more fun items.

My bed frame is painted in a very light gray and turquoise. Here is the final of the frame. One the doors for the headboard, I replaced the hardware with these porcelain knobs with roses. I also decoupaged a couple of butterflies, and used my Silhouette to cut the words 'Butterfly Kisses. On the foot board, I decoupaged napkins with pink roses and red flowers. ( Note: I do not know what a lot of flowers are-not much of a gardener).

Last year I had made a couple of similar projects, like this sign, using napkins decoupaged Magnolia's and butterflies. I had also made a little shelf out of a drawer from a camper with these red flowers decoupaged on the sides.

When I moved into the house with my dad, I inherited a bedspread my mom had always kept on the bed in the guest room, which is so pretty with pink puffs, like flowers.

Now you all need to know that I have never been a fan of the color pink, but having this bedspread on my bed, along with pink and red flowers all over my room changed that. I picked up three picture frames and made these pictures to hang over my bed.

So...back to the reveal...

Finally, I made a decision about colors for this piece. It was supposed to be a light gray, but when I brought the paint home, it looked  more white than anything so I went with it. Of course with turquoise being the prominent color so far, and pink growing on me, turquoise had to be a part of this piece, although not overbearing. I am also a big fan of distressing and giving a piece a worn look like I did below.

I picked up another pair of the rose knobs for this piece, and the final stage was decoupaging a combination of pink roses, blue butterflies and a few magnolia's to tie it  in with the rest of my creations and making this my very own, personal set.

Are you ready for it?

Here is the piece all finished up!

Personally, I wish I had not applied the large butterflies to the doors of this piece, because I think it makes everything look like 'too much'! So, I removed them. Luckily, they were freshly app;lied using the mod podge technique, so I used a sponge and warm water and just washed them off!

Thanks for visiting GiveMeAPaintbrush! 

Until next time! 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Plain Jane (Not what you think!)

All of my life, I have been a Plain Jane.

I like simple hair styles ~ mine has been a long shag since high school *blush*

I wear jeans and plain t-shirts. Solid colors, usually Hanes.

A couple of plain ol' blankets was all I ever needed on my bed for warmth.

Then I discovered the world of DIY and my tastes changed. I enjoyed trying to come up with ways to decorate. In my mind, though, I wanted to be like all of the other DIYer's out there that do fabulous art on furniture and home decor.

Since moving, my focus has shifted to getting settled and slowly putting this house together. I inherited everything my Mother treasured through the years. (Remember, my mom has dementia & is in a home, and I now live in a new house with my dad)

Some of the things I inherited are things like Strawberry plates hanging on a kitchen wall now, to honor mom. and for other decor I have a small shopping cart she has  faux flowers in. Mother's simple treasures, of which I kept a good deal of when moving dad.

Another thing I inherited is this very pretty bedspread. As I put my bedroom together, I knew it would be on my bed. The bed itself is one I bought a couple of years ago and painted. I love having the cubbies in the headboard! And I love the roses on the footboard too!

A close up of the decoupaged napkins on my footboard:

In trying to make my room more functional, it came to my attention the other day as I connected my Home Theater System to my bedroom TV, that I needed someplace to keep all of the remotes (stereo, AC and TV)

I had this little cubbie box, and decided it would be perfect for the remotes. I painted it the same color as the trim on the bed, added brown glaze, because I Love the look, like on this sign I made awhile back, and then decided to do something else to pretty it up.

I had some kitchen curtains that won't work in this house, and used them and a bit of fabric mod podge to adhere it to the box. Just a little prettier than it was yesterday :)

Enough of my room for now...

A couple of days ago, I fixed up some home made curtains for the window in the back door... they are  not perfect, and a sharp eye will see my mistake, but I still believe simple can be better ;) 

Thanks for visiting! 
Until next time! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

After the Big Move...

As we all know, moving is hard work and extremely stressful. For me, this was the first time I combined two households. 

A little background: About 6 months ago, my mom's dementia had gotten so bad that dad and I were forced to move her into a care facility. Dad could not watch her 24/7 and she needed that kind of care. My help was not enough. I think mom has finally settled into the routine there, and we visit all the time.

Upon placing mom, dad knew it was time to get their big house sold. It was too big for him to keep up with and was starting to become a burden for him. e wanted me to move into a smaller house with him. Now I have lived alone for many many years, so I knew this would be a challenge. But the bigger challenge would be the move. 

We found a smaller house and dad bought it. This house was not even on the market. The transaction was completed, and it closed back in May. I managed to get dad moved over with the basics by mid June. At the same time I was working full time and trying to get started on the rental I was in too. 

We had a couple of yard sales. We gave a LOT of kitchen stuff away, especially coffee cups..LOL We had to sort through E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! From mom's personal belongings, to her treasures, to her clothing. Coats, hats, and dozens of afghans she had crocheted over the years. We had to decide what we had room for at the smaller house. What was going to work there. What would we do with mom's belongings. What about dad's tools, and all of my crafting stuff? 

Between the two of us, we were living in about 3,000 sq ft and moving into 1100 sq ft! 

I  had to sell a LOT of stuff from my house and dad's house. Everything including this bookshelf had to find a place to go, be it in the new house or to be sold. Plus 3 recliners, 2 beds, and soooo much more. 

There was also a trip to Washington in June that I had been planning forever. My oldest granddaughter was graduating from high school and I could not miss it. 

I needed this trip to de-stress anyway! It was so good to see my family! Sadly, this same granddaughter was out after graduation with her younger sister and cousin, and while they are all just fine, they got in a car wreck, 

After 4 days of visiting with family and making sure my grands were really alright, I had to come back to work and continue the move. The job I was on required long hours and left little time to do what I needed at home. My landlady made a trip down to collect some of her treasures from the rental, She left a  lot behind too for me to keep or not. Like a portable AC unit, a bench, and lots more. I was planning on moving by July 1st and the rental was also being sold. It was only on the market for a week before it sold. 

Soooo...all goals were met. I successfully moved both houses into the new one. This all started in May and I was done by July. Well, of course once I was moved there was still things to wrap up at dad's old house. We worked on that till last week and finally got it all done too. The next step is getting organized and decorating the new house. I started all of that huge process already too! 

One of my biggest wishes was to honor mom. Growing up, she had a strawberry themed kitchen and while we were forced to sell a lot of her strawberry collection, like her canister set, we also kept a good deal too, and these plates were some of the first things hung to honor my mom.  

Mom also enjoyed gardening and I found this cute little gardening and strawberry hanging photo which is  now above the kitchen sink. 

I still have a long ways to go in settling in and getting organized. Some things looks a total mess, like the dining room:

I am still adjusting to and learning about the fancy appliances, such as the convection oven with it's glass cooktop:

Meanwhile my dad is doing his best to drill a well to water the lawn, and I do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and of course, working full time too! 

But together, we are making this work. Some day the builder grade cabinets will be painted to brighten up the kitchen, and I am making curtains for that window in the back door. I am trying my best to incorporate my style of living with dad's old fashioned style :)

Stay tuned for more updates, as sporadic as they may be, given how busy this summer has been and will continue to be! 

Thanks for visiting!