Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easy DIY Bathroom shelf

I have a medicine cabinet and other cupboards in the bathroom, but to be honest I needed an open shelving unit to set things on in the open. I needed more room! This skinny built in is for shampoo, wash cloths, etc The built in on the right also is limiting in what it will hold.

A built in cabinet and medicine cabinet, but still not enough. 

When I moved into this rental there was a bathroom wall clock on the wall over the toilet, and even with fresh batteries it never kept time well. That to me indicated valuable space was being wasted!

So quite some ago, I was given some drawers out of a camper. They were typical of camper drawers, with a front screwed onto them. I removed the drawer front and that gave me a perfect box to turn into a bathroom shelf over the toilet.

I used a pallet board to create a shelf inside my 'box'. The drawers have a 'lip' on them so I had this board laying around here, cut it in half and glued to the back of the drawer, using wood glue. This created the stability and extra thickness for the screw to grab when I attached my shelf to the wall.

Now I should have painted and decorated this prior to hanging, however, many of my ideas go plop, so I thought I would try it on the wall first. Life happens and it is still there. I do need to take it down and do that, as I think the raw wood in the bathroom is not a great it's not pretty!

I am in the process of making another one to hang in my bedroom. For this one, since I Know it will work, I painted it my favorite light grey and an idea struck for the inside of my shelf. I have had this roll of lacey burlap in my craft room forever, so I measured it out into three strips and glued it in with my hot glue gun! Next will be adding the pallet shelf and the backing, and hanging it in my bedroom! I really like this one so far, and have several more to make!

When gluing the burlap onto the back of the shelf, I started with the corners and edges and worked my way down, then moved to the center. If you look real close you can see the burlap is overlapped from the left to the right. It would look cute to have the center piece either under or over the two outer pieces too! 

Such and easy project to add functionality to a space that was once so wasted!