Saturday, January 24, 2015

Garage Organization the Cheap way!

I don't know about you, but my garage was in desperate need for some organization! It was a total cluster as a matter of fact.  So bad so that when looking for something it was buried under other things.

Two days ago, I saw a brilliant idea either on Facebook or Hometalk. As soon as I find that post again, I will give due credit.

Once the idea was planted, I put a post up on our local FB classifieds. The response was tremendous!  I got 8 popcorn tins in just one day and went to work. I started out by spray painting them, some yesterday and the rest today. It is still fairly cold out so my paint is not curing very fast. They start out looking like any popcorn tin, like this....

When I went to the feed store, I grabbed a couple extra cans of spray paint and they were on sale for $1.14 each! I already had red, compliments of my dad. So this project only cost me $2.28! Now that's my kind of project, and a great way to be more organized, plus it keeps things clean and dust free. I wasn't picky about brand for this project.

I sorted out everything on my workbench into separate categories after all my tins were ready. A lot of them have raised designs from the holidays on them, and clear lids. The raised designs didn't bother me and the clear lids helps me to see the contents inside too.

Here are the first two I painted. I failed to let the chalkboard spray paint cure overnight so when I seasoned it with chalk it got scratched up. My bad! I set it aside for another coat of paint.

Once I was ready to top off this project, I broke out my Silhouette Portrait and vinyl. I chose fonts and colors and started cutting. This blue one has all of my sandpaper in it, while the black is designated for Charcoal for summertime. Once it is cured I think I need to make the writing look pretty and cool.

This is giving me much more control over the chaos that once occupied my garage and even frees up some space! Many thanks to whomever it was that made a bread box out of one of these tins!