Tuesday, December 16, 2014


From the moment I moved into this rental, the drapes in the living room have irritated me. The old curtain rod, was a white one, with the little rope to pull them open. The rope was broken, and the center support was sagging due to losing the screws to hold it up.

I have loved the idea of using a painters drop cloth, paint it pretty and use fabric tape to 'sew' the hems, but alas, I have not made them yet.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Walmart...it is 45 miles away so I don't go often. While there I Picked up their cheapest curtain rod, and ring clips as these are what I will be using with the painters drop cloth when I get that ready.

However, my biggest dilemma was that all of the holes for the hardware were extremely worn and would not likely hold my new rod. So in the name of saving money, I had an idea..

Cut a thin block to attach over those spots using drywall screws, and Then attach my new hardware. I was not sure it would even work so I didn't take the time to paint them. Now that they are actually up and doing as intended, and partially hidden, I will wait until my arms recoup...LOL

See that little block up there? I made 3 of them. They have two drywall screws holding them up. The curtain rod is attached with a drywall screw as well. 

Now the other issue I have is the drapes are pleated, and I wasn't sure they would okay on ring clips. I decided to go for it anyway. If it drives me crazy, that will be my motivator to get busy and pretty up a drop cloth! 

Overall, the pleats aren't causing the issues I expected. My drapes meet in the middle and overlap enough that it doesn't feel like people can peer in, and they are straight. 

What?? I made them straight? ME??? That's a first! hahaha! Ummm yeah, I can't draw a straight line to save my soul, so for the drapes to be hung straight is a Huge accomplishment for me! 

Now to clean up my mess and enjoy them....Would you hang pleated drapes on ring clips? And would you use these little blocks to support your drapery? I would love to hear suggestions and input on how you would handle this situation in a rental! !