Wednesday, November 12, 2014

New Goals for Give Me A Paintbrush

Yes, I have new goals! 

You see, when I first started this blog over a year ago, I wanted to be just like all of you. A DIY'er, painting furniture and making money doing it. 

I soon came to the realization that this was probably not going to happen. Not the way you all do it anyway. In the beginning, my dreams were big. In reality, those dreams are far from achievable living where I do. This is a small historic town, where there are a lot of older folks, who do not care much for painted furniture. Due to the history of this town, old furniture is either very expensive or very damaged due to prolonged use. 

While I have finally settled down in a rental house, I have to have a stable income to pay the bills and that boils down to a real job. I cannot make a market for painted furniture here when most residents do not like it. They also like things to be cheap. I Once had a gal tell me she would pay maybe $5 for a telephone table that I paid $20 for plus my time and material to paint and decorate it. My need to live on  my own as opposed to with a relative meant facing reality. That meant facing the fact that your market is not one I can easily bring to my town. That also meant I had to find a job. 

The one thing I have done for the past ten years is something I did not want to do in this region. I have been a flagger or traffic control person for road work. I was highly concerned about the extreme difference in weather here in comparison to Washington state weather that I was accustomed to. In Eastern Oregon, it is much hotter in the summer and much much colder in the winter. Yet, it was easy to get a job doing what I know, and I am just off from my first season here doing traffic control. I survived! LOL

So, I moved into this adorable little house in March. As most of you know I have two German Shepherds that need a large yard, and this house that and then some. It is a 2 bedroom, one bath, with lots of neat amenities. For instance, it has a garage with a wood stove in it-perfect for projects! It came with appliances that we all need including a washer and dryer. It has two storage units out back-one I believe is for canning goods and one is for tools and the like. The later has a dirt floor, the other has a concrete floor and super thick door. It stays very cool in there; it's very well insulated. Being this is my first winter in this house, I am still learning about it. So far, so good! 

Now for my goals:

My landlady is absolutely The BEST! In a recent chat, she basically gave me permission to do what I want to the house and property. Of course the first thing I did was to put up a fence for my dogs, but we were talking about the house mostly. For instance, I thought that perhaps a door between the kitchen and 'pantry' would help keep the heating costs down during the winter. I also wanted to install a door there to stop my cat from going in that room. I also asked to replace the linoleum in the room. 

My dad recently removed carpet from his family room, and gave me what I needed for the pantry. I installed it myself, and it is definitely Not a professional job. It does keep the floor in the warmer. I am using the pantry as my craft room. 

Yes, there are things that need to be changed, but it will happen in due time. Like that trim!

Next I tackled the doorway. I put my shutters up to keep the cat out, and the following week came across 3 door frames. I am now in the process of painting the door frame I will use in place of the shutters.

These are purely for the purpose of keeping the cat out. They clearly will not help with the heating bill and I think it would be a good idea to let 'some' heat in here because the water heater is behind the shutters (when they are open).

My new to me door frames had glass in them prior to becoming mine but it had been broken. So I am going to use material in place of the glass, and then use lattice to protect the material. It is going to be sooo cute!!!

As time goes on, I will be fixing the house and yards up and sharing that progress here. This way I will not feel the need to keep up with or compete with all of you professional furniture restoring folks out there, and my cute little house gets cuter as I work and care for my pets and my family. It means I won't feel like I am neglecting this lil ol' blag of mine, but simply blogging about my home and life.

Personally, this is a relief. I won't feel like a failure of a flake this way (Yes, I have been having those feelings a lot lately). My inspiration  & motivation comes in spurts and leaves just as fast. I want to create, but not under pressure.

I want to decorate, garden, build, collect, paint, draw, and so much more! I want to make cool stuff with my Silhouette. I want and need to use up the 12 pallets I have collected! However feeling like a failure because I am not keeping up with all of you, steals from all of my desires. Changing directions for Give Me A Paintbrush is like a breath of fresh air.

That door frame is nearly ready for the material, and installation, so my next post is not too far away too!

Meanwhile, I hope you are all staying warm and safe with winter fast approaching, and that you will come by from time to time to see how things are going in my little neck of the woods!

Here are a few pics, from my front yard to places I have worked this summer that I wanted to share with you today!

My view on one of my jobs

A Mule deer in my neighbors yard

Another view at work

Sunrise at work

Some of my flowers this summer

Hope to see you soon!!!