Monday, June 9, 2014

Dremel Saw Max review

Hey Readers! I hope this beautiful Monday finds you well!

Today I have my personal review of the Dremel Saw Max on my mind! I have waited for a year to manage to get one of these babies and I am so glad I now have it!

You see, I just got one, got it set up and tried out a few cuts. I have to say I love it! It is easy to hold, for those of use with smaller hands. So now it does only do 1/2" cuts, but for crafters, that is about all that is needed, usually. At least for me.

So, I decided to start out with pallets boards. The wood/plastic saw blade is the one for pallet boards and it cuts through them like a knife through butter. It is truly easy  to handle and comfortable to hold in my hand. You can bet that I will be getting into sign making and building boxes or crates as soon as I gather a stash of wood to do it with.

There are, of course, things to be careful of with the Dremel Saw Max. For instance, do not set the saw down until the blade is fully stopped. And when cutting pallet boards, watch closely for those small nails. I accidentally nicked one and sparks were flying. I don't want to ruin a blade already!

I didn't get the kit, but went with just the saw, which came with a blade for wood or plastic and another for metal.

 Replacement blades are not overly expensive either. 7 for $22 at Walmart.

I did notice (as the instructions said was possible) that it got warm after a few consecutive cuts, and in that case, just give it a minute or two to cool off and then continue with what you are doing. There are a couple other things I will be checking out later to talk about but so far, the Saw Max by Dremel s perfect for me and fits my needs extremely well.

There are attachments you can get and other items that will help you make the right cuts, like the trim cutting guide or the Crown moulding guide.

My biggest problem with projects has always been not having my own saw, and one that I was comfortable using so this Dremel Saw Max totally fits the bill....and my hand! 

I am excited to get started and to soon get the attachments to help me grow in my abilities! 

Rather than buying crates from Joann's for 12.99
or 24.99

I now have the saw to cut my own boards and make my own! Squeeeal! 

Yes I am excited! And off to get started!! 

All opinions are my own and this is Not a sponsored post!