Sunday, March 9, 2014

My New House! With pics!

First, let me say that I am ever so grateful to all who continue to visit my blog while I go through this final transition in my life.

I finally have all of my belongings in a house of my own! I spent yesterday moving the last of it from the storage unit to the house. My dressers, nightstand, sideboard, and all of the boxes, plus most all of my projects are here. My spare bedroom is full of boxes that need to be sorted and put away.

Being in my own bed at night and being able to let my dogs out first thing in the morning is blissful! While at my brother's, I had to keep the dogs in til he woke up because he often had trouble sleeping and once he did sleep, I didn't want to wake him with barking dogs. They often spent the day locked in the bedroom, especially if I had something to do. My brother has a cat that is Not dog friendly so I was constantly rotating animals. It was not very fun and my dogs suffered from lack of exercise. We will never live there again so it is now in the past and a distant memory.

I LOVE this house! I have a gas fireplace! It is the only source of heat, but with low ceilings, it is easy to heat. No mantel :( but plenty of options to make it cute in the future. My kitchen has TONS of storage-tons of cabinets. With the house being built in 1920, it has just enough charm, and lots of character. I am extremely blessed to be here. This is my kitchen:

There is a room off of the kitchen that the owner referred to as a pantry: (warning: the room is not unpacked or organized so looks a trocious at the moment)

I have a breakfast nook (that garbage can will be emptied and moved soon)

Off of the pantry is a back porch that is enclosed, and there is a door to the big back yard where my dogs are fenced in. I really should say a huge yard, but no pics of that.  Here is the porch. To the right is a twin mattress I use for a 'dog bed' for the two of them, and to the left is the dryer. The washer is in the kitchen to prevent it from freezing.

My bathroom has pretty walls and a little curtain. It is a very small room, with odd cupboards barely enough to house all my toiletries! 

The spare bedroom is where all of the boxes went. It needs new curtains! 

My bedroom also needs new curtains. The closet in both rooms have hideous curtains rather than doors and they will be replaced eventually. My tall dresser is in the closet to keep the rom more open. 

My living room is long and difficult to arange. I haven't decided really where to put the couch. This couch is a hideabed that belonged to the owner's mom. Talk about a 70's flashback! I need to get a recliner to put in here and maybe a nice glider rocker. Right now the couch and my cedar chest are all I have in the living room! The TV is in the corner where I stood to take the picture. This room needs a lot of work to make it feel like home! 

The garage is cool! Lots of room for my projects. I have all kinds of projects out there waiting right now! And I have more over at my brothers, like old windows and an old door to bring over, an old chandy to re purpose which I already have an idea for. This house has a back porch that runs the full length of the house all closed in. That is basically the dog room, where they will be when I am gone, when they are too wet and muddy to bring in, etc. They go out that back door into a huge section of yard to run and play in. Also out that door is a root cellar, and a storage area-the storage is rough-dirt floor. It looks like it was used to store chicken bedding and feed. The outside of the root cellar needs to be painted, and there is a section of fence out back that should be replaced. My dad said he was going to do that, but we will see. Sometimes he forgets his big talk..LOL but he is still awesome, as he was the one who helped me build a fence to keep my dogs safe.

Here are some pics of the garage, which by the way, has a wood stove in it! Whoop whoop! 

There is a field next door and another across a private road out back. The first time I went to take my dogs out in their yard, I kept them on leashes, and as I opened the door, the first thing we saw was a herd of deer in the field next door. As they crossed the dirt road and ducked under the split rail fence to the next field I counted them...there was an even dozen! My yard is full of deer scat and I hope to see more and more deer as we settle in! Plus there is all kinds of other wildlife here, like quail and doves. It is truly a neat place to live.

Plus I am two minutes away from my brother, so if he has another medical issue, like his stroke just before Christmas, I can be there fast. I am only about 10 minutes away from my parents and can be there quickly if they need me too. Right now my mom is recovering from Shingles. Dad wants to down size; to get into something smaller so they can remain independent as long as possible and have less to keep up with. Their big place will be too much for them soon.

Overall, I had 40 pics uploading of the place to share in this post! I only shared the best that I got with my cell phone in the dark of early morning ;) And I have a LOT of work to get the house in shape too! I think it's a good thing that today is going to be a rainy, stay indoors kind of day so I can get some things done!

My cats are getting into everything and driving me insane, being so snoopy and obnoxious LOL I sure hope they settle down soon!

So I am off to unpack and look for the TV remote! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my house!

I would absolutely Love to hear how all of you would decorate, so leave a comment with your suggestions!!