Friday, February 28, 2014

Monday Monday....

Those are the only two words I remember, and it is also the day I am anxiously awaiting. Monday March 3rd...

That is the day I 'should' be finally moving into my new house.

The current tenant was supposed to be moved out today. His nephew lives with my brother & I and had set the days aside to help his uncle get it all done, but there was a change of plans for some reason unknown to me. So he is moving the last of it tomorrow. I kind of imagine he will then take Sunday to do last minute cleaning, and once he is done, he is supposed to give me the keys to the house and the garage door opener.

After being so terribly unsettled for the past 18+ months, I am ever so anxious for this to be done. I desperately need to have all of my belongings in one place where I know I will be staying for some time to come. And the house is adorable, in my opinion!

My two dogs, two cats and I have all been living in a bedroom in my brother's house for the past two months. The walls have been closing in just about from the minute we got back here on January 2nd. 

Will ya look at that garage?! Bet you have Nooo idea what I will be doing in there, now do ya? 

Meanwhile, at the moment I am fighting a head cold for the first time in about ten years. Normally I feel them coming on and dose up on Echinacea and never get the cold. This time though, I woke up with this horrible cold and it had me down for the count yesterday. My brother even went out to Taco Time to get us dinner last night cause I was so sick!! That in itself is unheard of. 

The good news is I have felt much better today, just a bit stuffed up yet, so I know my Echinacea Is working. I also had to go out a couple of times today. I had to go to the water and power companies to get those utilities switched into my name. The folks who are moving didn't tell me when they were having the turned off, so I called a few times to figure it out and went to get them transferred so utilities do not get shut off 100%. I am kinda cheap and didn't want to pay to have them reconnected.  

Anyway, Monday is it. I hope! I am expecting the keys by Sunday night. That means I will be moving next week! I am hoping to be spending the night her Monday might if I can get my bed over there or Tuesday at the latest. I have to fence off a section of the yard for my dogs, have a big dog house to move, and a storage unit full of my stuff, plus everything here at my brother's. It is going to be a looong week! 

And that song...well, "Monday Monday" is stuck in aloop in my head.  LOL

Sooooo my the coming weeks my blog will be active as can be as I begin to get settled and start decorating. I am itching to make it cute, and itching to do some crafting too! I have old windows here, an old door, and old chandy; all kinds of things I am anxious to get to work on!!!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow must Goooo!

Seriously...that's all that is going on in my neck of the woods lately. We have 8 to 10 inches of snow so far and we are expecting it to keep on snowing for up to 5 days more. The picture below is standing on the front porch at my brother's looking out.

Every time I look out the window, I find myself hoping it has stopped. Then I frown and go back to watching You Tube video's, surfing Pinterest or watching TV.

I can't craft anything on my Silhouette because my vinyl is in storage. I can't paint because that's where my paint is too. It is probably ruined because it is not a heated unit.

Yesterday I went out looking for a job. I made sure to stop by the grocery store thank goodness. My dogs don't even want to be out for long in this and when they come in, they track enough snow in, I have to sweep up the chunks that is stuck to the fur. Here is a trial from their last trip out.

The good news is, I have managed to maintain a good attitude. It is easy to do knowing I will be moving into my own place at the first of next month. I am counting the days with dreams of how I want to decorate everything! I am soooo ready for it! Ready for the snow to go away, for moving, and for spring to come to visit!

How is YOUR weather?