Thursday, January 16, 2014

Offering to do custom pieces..and one more

The other day I wrote a post on my towns local Face Book Classifieds, offering to do custom jobs on their pieces. In this town, finding good pieces to work on is tough, plus reselling them is extremely tough. So I thought I would offer to do pieces folks already have and see how that goes.

I am happy to say that in less than a week, I have had 3 people contact me, wanting to have something they own, painted, distressed, and given new  life! One lady wants a dining table with a total of 6 chairs, 4 of which are captains chairs done. Another has a pair of dressers and a nightstand, and the last has her Grandmother's old vanity. For the dining table I gave an estimate of $350 plus material; paint, top coat, wax, etc. and she seemed to not blink at the cost. The other two, I have yet to give an estimate on. I want to see at least a photo of the pieces before I go any farther. I also want to secure a location to do the work in rather than in my dads garage. Be that a garage of my own, or a space somewhere, but I do not want to work in dads garage. For some silly reason, the car that occupies his garage kind of gets in my way! Ha Ha!

Also, remember my Music Table?

 I posted it on Classifieds and was contacted by the local consignment shop who suggested I put it in their shop. She said it is "totally awesome" which made me smile. I went to my storage unit to get it and take it over there. However, as soon as I opened the storage door, I knew that wasn't going to happen. It is buried, in the back, under boxes and who knows what is between the door and that table. I just know it will take more than myself to get it dug out. The time will come soon enough, but not this minute.

So for you, my reader's, I have a question~

How do you price your custom jobs?
Do you base it on time, labor, material and ???
Do you think $350 + material is a fair price for my estimate?

This is a depressed little town, so I honestly thought my price would get a cold shoulder, and since that was my estimate, I plan on going with it, but I would love to know how you base your pricing and if you think mine is fair or not!