Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finally, I have good news!

As most of you know, I moved back to Oregon at the beginning of January. I had only been in my home state of Washington for 4 months when my family here were faced with sudden crisis and needed me back. It feels nice to be needed.

I came back on January 1st. New Years Day....spent the morning through mid afternoon loading a 26' U-Haul truck and driving the late afternoon till late that night, when we stopped in Pendleton, Oregon for the night. We were unsure of the roads ahead, and with a dangerous canyon and the Blue Mountains ahead of us, staying over was wise.

Now I have been back almost a month. Living with my brother is still not ideal for me. I am used to living alone, and I have dogs...big dogs that need space to live. My brother now has a cat that does not like dogs so I am forever on guard to prevent conflicts between dogs and this cat. I also have cats, but they belong to these dogs and like y dogs.

So I found out about a rental house that is going to be available the end of February or so. And, while my method to inquire about renting it was 'different' (I am not ready to divulge those details) I found out tonight that .... I GOT THE HOUSE!!

It is currently occupied by a couple who are planning on moving. The house they are moving to is being repaired. It will take the month of February for those repairs to be complete. Once that is done, they will move and then I will move shortly after that into the house they are in now. Sooooo, I will be in my own place by mid March!

The house is a 2 bedroom 1 bath, the rent is extremely cheap in comparison to what most rents are, and she is okay with my dogs. She lives in Washington so won't be stopping by often. I can decorate and enjoy my life in her house and all will be well with my soul. I can get back to painting and crafting!!! I can make the place my own, and I can garden too! The yard is HUGE!  There is already a big garden in front. It has a detached garage! Guess where I will be painting?!?!?!!!!!

Six more weeks of cramped space and I will be able to bring my treasures out of storage and settle in. I have 6 more weeks to find work too! The owner knows I haven't found a job yet and why and how I intend to pay the bills and....I got the House!!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Now it's time for the snow to go away. Time for me to find a perfect job so I can start building a life here. I feel blessed. I feel so lucky to have managed to land this house. I feel ....Excited!! I can't wait to start decorating and doing projects to make it my own. To put things into place so I can craft my heart out, and to feel whole again!

But mostly I feel blessed!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Offering to do custom pieces..and one more

The other day I wrote a post on my towns local Face Book Classifieds, offering to do custom jobs on their pieces. In this town, finding good pieces to work on is tough, plus reselling them is extremely tough. So I thought I would offer to do pieces folks already have and see how that goes.

I am happy to say that in less than a week, I have had 3 people contact me, wanting to have something they own, painted, distressed, and given new  life! One lady wants a dining table with a total of 6 chairs, 4 of which are captains chairs done. Another has a pair of dressers and a nightstand, and the last has her Grandmother's old vanity. For the dining table I gave an estimate of $350 plus material; paint, top coat, wax, etc. and she seemed to not blink at the cost. The other two, I have yet to give an estimate on. I want to see at least a photo of the pieces before I go any farther. I also want to secure a location to do the work in rather than in my dads garage. Be that a garage of my own, or a space somewhere, but I do not want to work in dads garage. For some silly reason, the car that occupies his garage kind of gets in my way! Ha Ha!

Also, remember my Music Table?

 I posted it on Classifieds and was contacted by the local consignment shop who suggested I put it in their shop. She said it is "totally awesome" which made me smile. I went to my storage unit to get it and take it over there. However, as soon as I opened the storage door, I knew that wasn't going to happen. It is buried, in the back, under boxes and who knows what is between the door and that table. I just know it will take more than myself to get it dug out. The time will come soon enough, but not this minute.

So for you, my reader's, I have a question~

How do you price your custom jobs?
Do you base it on time, labor, material and ???
Do you think $350 + material is a fair price for my estimate?

This is a depressed little town, so I honestly thought my price would get a cold shoulder, and since that was my estimate, I plan on going with it, but I would love to know how you base your pricing and if you think mine is fair or not!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 1 was okay

After yet another move, week one was okay.

I am not big on moving but this time, I had to come back to Oregon to help my family. I survived my first week back without a meltdown! To be honest I think it helps to have another roomie. That keeps my temper under control and helps me to see things logically.

So...I have a lead on a house to rent! It is cheap and believe it or not it is a decent house too, with a huge yard for my dogs. It is occupied at the moment, but the tenants are planning on moving, so I am trying to set this up to get me first in line to get it. That will help immensely. Having the space I need for myself and my pets will help to prevent future meltdowns too.

The best news is, I was contacted by an establishment here in town, offering to sell my painted furniture on consignment! Only 25% crafters fee. The lady had seen my Music Table on the town's classifieds on FaceBook, and offered. I think this would be awesome! I also offered to do custom order's, thinking if I do furniture other folks already own it might be easier than selling things I have to go picking for. I mean most people here already have what they need, so selling a dining table is tough. But I can paint their hutch of bedroom set and still make money.

Looking for work in January is a tough go. Especially when my folks and my brother have schedules that call for a driver most weekdays. So far, it has been an easy and very manageable, but if their needs increase, that is likely to change. This town shuts down or basically has a hiring freeze in the winter so I will be lucky to get anything, even part time. So drumming up some business doing what I love will help, not only bring in some much needed income, but to fill my time when not caring for family.

Meanwhile I am dying to break out my Silhouette and do something fun! Make some signs or do something creative! I just have to find the right time and space to do that. It is good therapy for me :)

Today is laundry day and housework, etc so I am off to get busy!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year dear Reader's~ 

I hope that 2014 will be one of peace and good fortune for us all. 

So how did you bring in the New Year? Hopefully not by making a 400+ mile move like I did! New Year's Day was spent loading a truck-a 26' truck no less, with all of my life's treasures again to move back to Baker City, Oregon. 

A week before Christmas my brother had another stroke, and the following Monday my dad got a notice that due to his medical condition, he had to surrender his driver's license. At that point I was not working in Washington due to weather, so my dad had been helping me pay rent, so he asked me to come back and help the family. I could not turn my back on them in their time of need, just as he did not turn his back in mine. While a lot of you probably saw my post about the struggle making the decision, on my Face Book page, ultimately, I ended up coming back here. 

This time it is for good, with no hopes of going back to Washington again for any reason but perhaps to visit my kids. I will be working towards rebuilding my life here in Baker. to do that, first comes a job. I have to find work so I can pay my bills. With unemployment extensions no longer available, I have no income at the moment. I do have a few painted items for sale but not nearly enough to support myself and my pets. 

Once I find a job I will be looking for a place to rent here. I have made it clear to my family that I cannot live with my brother for long. I need my treasures and my space for my well being or I will soon be useless to anyone. Amazingly enough, my parents and brother all seem to understand that much better than I expected. 

My brother is doing Much better than I was led to believe and will only require a couple hours a day of help with things like getting his laundry down the stairs and a few things like that until he is stronger to do it himself. I will also be the driver to get my parents around when they need help. Interestingly enough, writing that reminded me it is Sunday and their routine is to go out to breakfast every Sunday morning so my car is warming up and I am going to go get back later!