Saturday, December 7, 2013

I am obsessed!

I didn't realize just how obsessed I was until I was cleaning my 'craft room' today.

It hasn't even been quite a full year when I began this journey of crafting. But from the looks of my craft room, I feel like I have done it all of my life!

There is my tape collection:

Then there is my glue collection:

Staples anyone?

How about paint sticks, all used of course, and screw drivers and screws, nails, paintbrushes, scissors and who knows what else?

How about a few unfinished projects in case I get bored?

Or, for something different, my piggy banks, because of all the grand kids I have?

An if you look in front of Piggies, you can see my copper utensils. They are lonely without the rest of my copper collection, but seriously, this room is packed and Piggies and Copper are probably going back in storage soon. 

My paint cupboard sits in another corner of the room, which is where that staple collection rests, and my ribbon.

This is all because one day last winter, I was bored to tears, surfing Pintrest and thought "Hey, I can do THAT!" 

Collections not shown are Shutters, Mason Jars, pallet wood, a small button collection, crayons, and much much more. No wonder I needed to move away from my brother! I needed a house to put all my crafting goodies!! 

Can you guess what my next collection will be?