Monday, November 4, 2013

Vision for Octagon Table goes south

I have been slowly working on an Octagon shaped table that was recently given to me. I had a vision for it, and finally have it to a point where I could try to start pulling my vision for this table together.

I knew it would be a challenge. I wasn't positive it would be impossible....

All I can say is it looks bad. Pretty yes, but not what my vision was like....AT ALL!

There are 8 legs on this table with LOTS of detail. The (4) inside legs would be easy enough to do:

However the amount of detail on the (4) outer legs....well I am just not sure that I can pull this off! 

Up close and personal with this leg, it reminds me of a child eating spaghetti and getting it all over their little face. I used baby wipes to clean up the edges and it just looks like Blech! So now I am looking at weather or not I should continue to try this, or maybe use another color, or maybe just fill it in/paint over this with the original base color there and wax...letting the dark wax fill in where it wants?! 

Needless to say, if I continue with the detailing, this project is going to take a much longer time than anticipated. It already takes me triple the amount of time to complete a project than it does the average gal out there. Seriously, this post should be about this piece being all done! But instead, it about how I am doubting that I can pull off this vision I had. 

I don't know where I am going with this piece or with this post to be honest! I want so badly to get this piece done and up for sale. I still have soooooo much to do on it without the detailing! I guess what I need to do is go see what it is going to look like with just wax, and decide from there, right?

Meanwhile, I would love to read some input from other's! Would you skip the detail? Wax and call it good? Or would you move forward with this crazy vision on the detailing? 

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And thanks for stopping by to see my latest mess!!