Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Music Table Tale

This is the story of A Music Table.
( story telling took on a new form in this post. I don't know what over came me!)

It started out in some one's home, serving it's life as it was intended to do. With Heavenly legs, this beauty served well and long. Strong as it was, eventually the home in which it served all those years was ready for something different and this Lady found herself looking for a new home to serve.

The family asked a neighbor friend if she knew anyone who would want her. The neighbor thought instantly of a good friend of hers who was interested in breathing new life into pieces like Lady. In no time at all, Lady was moved.

She sat in a back room for a short while, awaiting news of what would become of her.
And then it happened....her transformation began!

First she was cleaned. Her legs felt so ugly with all the dust she had collected,and after this embarrasing photo of one of her legs, it felt wonderful to get cleaned up once again!  But then...she was given a new bright color. It felt like a new dress to her. Still she worried because her veneer on top was starting to fail her. The woman removed a little of that ugly veneer that was starting to lose its grip. The space was filled with spackle and sanded.

For weeks she sat patiently as she was redressed with this dreamy creamy color of dress. Once the 'dress' was applied, she waited for the next step. Her destiny was hanging in the balance as her caregiver considered what to do next. To Lady's surprise, she got a wax job to help her gorgeous legs stand out! This wax made her feel the most stunning of all. Antiquing wax from Miss Mustard Seed! She truly felt honored to be worthy of this sample her caregiver had saved!

As the wax was complete, there was just one two step(s) left to go. Lady's top needed help so she could simply stand out and Glow! Her caregiver chose to give Lady some songs. Songs she could share with all who adore her. So on came the first, then the next, till they all were attached. They were secured to Lady's top, and she wanted to sing! Now she felt so completely loved with her own kind of Bling!

Her caretaker was not happy though. Oh how could this be!...then Lady felt it...her songs had Bubbles! Oh nooooo! This is a Tragedy!

Caregiver decided to wait to see what happened. She wanted to let the songs on Lady's top dry. As the household grew quiet, Lady knew what to do....she sucked up the bubbles so her songs could stay near! When her caretaker peeked in at the end of the day, her heart smiled, for 'Lady' had come to Life! Her bubbles were gone, her songs lay flat, she had what she felt was the prettiest hat!

There will be, in due time one more stage for 'Lady'. Her 'caregiver' is searching for a lightweight piece of pexiglass to have cut to fit over the top of 'Lady's' songs to preserve for many years to come.

So here she is, in all her Glory!

(Note from the Author: Thank you so much for putting up with my silly story, but more than that, thank you for coming to visit Givemeapaintbrush! 

I do believe that as the Mod Podge dried, it shrank down onto the table surface and therefore eliminated the bubbles as seen in the previous pictures. In an attempt to preserve the table bubble free, I will continue to try to locate a piece of pexiglass to attach the to table top.)