Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is one that we dedicate to counting our Blessings and being Thankful for all we have. Personally I am thankful for my family, health for them all, roofs over our heads, and a Turkey in the oven! There is soooo much more I am thankful for, but those, at the moment are at the top of my list.

I am Thankful for all I have learned in the past year. Having gone through a tough year and knowing I face tougher times ahead does not distract me from appreciating the lessons I learned in 2013~

I am Thankful for making new friends here too! I am also thankful for all of you who come to read my blog! It has been such a wonderful experience to get serious about blogging, and to pursue a hobby that I can share with other like minded people! I never knew till this past year that I even had a creative side! I have learned how to put an idea into motion and make it a reality. My most recent project was my Music Table, and before that was my home made chalkboard! I love my chalkboard the most because I did it 100% by myself.

I also won my Silhouette Portrait and have started learning how to make such pretty things with it. The little birdies on my chalkbaord and the 'Make a List' saying at the top are made with my Silhouette. 

Did you know there is BIG sale going on at starting today and running through December 8th? 
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(disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate and the following is an affiliate link)

I found all things Silhouette on sale at so I wanted to share a link so you can go shopping with one simple click!

I will be watching for more deals in the coming weeks, and I know I will be shopping at SilhouetteAmerica and Amazon to get the best of both worlds!

So in closing, I feel blessed today for Family, Friends, Turkey and oh so much more.

I hope that you have a wonderful day filled with Family, fun and good food too!

Starting tomorrow I will be crafting away. Tune in again soon as I am getting my craft on for the December Silhouette Challenge!

I can't wait to see if and how it turns out so I can share it with you all!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Music Table Tale

This is the story of A Music Table.
( story telling took on a new form in this post. I don't know what over came me!)

It started out in some one's home, serving it's life as it was intended to do. With Heavenly legs, this beauty served well and long. Strong as it was, eventually the home in which it served all those years was ready for something different and this Lady found herself looking for a new home to serve.

The family asked a neighbor friend if she knew anyone who would want her. The neighbor thought instantly of a good friend of hers who was interested in breathing new life into pieces like Lady. In no time at all, Lady was moved.

She sat in a back room for a short while, awaiting news of what would become of her.
And then it happened....her transformation began!

First she was cleaned. Her legs felt so ugly with all the dust she had collected,and after this embarrasing photo of one of her legs, it felt wonderful to get cleaned up once again!  But then...she was given a new bright color. It felt like a new dress to her. Still she worried because her veneer on top was starting to fail her. The woman removed a little of that ugly veneer that was starting to lose its grip. The space was filled with spackle and sanded.

For weeks she sat patiently as she was redressed with this dreamy creamy color of dress. Once the 'dress' was applied, she waited for the next step. Her destiny was hanging in the balance as her caregiver considered what to do next. To Lady's surprise, she got a wax job to help her gorgeous legs stand out! This wax made her feel the most stunning of all. Antiquing wax from Miss Mustard Seed! She truly felt honored to be worthy of this sample her caregiver had saved!

As the wax was complete, there was just one two step(s) left to go. Lady's top needed help so she could simply stand out and Glow! Her caregiver chose to give Lady some songs. Songs she could share with all who adore her. So on came the first, then the next, till they all were attached. They were secured to Lady's top, and she wanted to sing! Now she felt so completely loved with her own kind of Bling!

Her caretaker was not happy though. Oh how could this be!...then Lady felt it...her songs had Bubbles! Oh nooooo! This is a Tragedy!

Caregiver decided to wait to see what happened. She wanted to let the songs on Lady's top dry. As the household grew quiet, Lady knew what to do....she sucked up the bubbles so her songs could stay near! When her caretaker peeked in at the end of the day, her heart smiled, for 'Lady' had come to Life! Her bubbles were gone, her songs lay flat, she had what she felt was the prettiest hat!

There will be, in due time one more stage for 'Lady'. Her 'caregiver' is searching for a lightweight piece of pexiglass to have cut to fit over the top of 'Lady's' songs to preserve for many years to come.

So here she is, in all her Glory!

(Note from the Author: Thank you so much for putting up with my silly story, but more than that, thank you for coming to visit Givemeapaintbrush! 

I do believe that as the Mod Podge dried, it shrank down onto the table surface and therefore eliminated the bubbles as seen in the previous pictures. In an attempt to preserve the table bubble free, I will continue to try to locate a piece of pexiglass to attach the to table top.)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Glass Painting w/reverse stencils

Every month, Lauren Lanker from The Thinking Closet, hosts a Silhouette Challenge. Those who wish to participate create a new project with their Silhouette and we all post at the same time to share with the world. This project is for the Novemeber Silhouette Challenge.

Let me first say that this was going to be Glass Etching. At the last minute, I dashed to my local Michael's store, and low and behold, their kits were about $30, and they were out of stock of the Etching Cream by itself. That was really all I needed...Etching Cream.

So as I spoke with a gal who works there, she was telling me about the Paint for glass. So, I bought a bottle of Martha Stewart's Glass Paint in Frost Translucent.

I had recently found this cover for plates and decorations...and of course, I have no idea what you all call it, but this is what I wanted to 'Etch'. Well, Paint. I guess the paint is better suited to me anyway given my blog name...LOL

I made my reverse stencil with my Silhouette Portrait, and applied it to the glass, dipped my brush into the paint and applied evenly. After allowing it to dry I did a 2nd coat, just because. The paint dries quickly, and this portion of this project (the fun part) only took about 10 minutes.
 I can't say the same about making the reverse stencil....I have gotten rusty since I moved....Oh wait! I am still new to this Silhouette AND to decorating and crafting! (For real!)

Now the Real challenge for me was taking the photos to show you the final work. I mean, this is round, so it rolls if I try to take a pic of it on its side; and in my mobile, I have a lot of windows so avoiding the refection from the windows is impossible!! I wanted my cover to be shown on a Christmas plate I have had forever, because it fits perfectly. I even considered covering my windows to block out the light so this painted glass would show better; laid it on the rug against a shelf for support; took it outside (way too bright to show my work out there!) name it. Getting this to show well was not easy..I "believe" that I failed in the photo department.

Back to the project...
When I peeled my reverse stencil off, I thought this looked quite a bit like Etched Glass. The difference is the paint sits on top of the glass while the etching cream eats into the glass. Both are dishwasher safe. And I must say, this frosted translucent paint is going to last me forever! I mean, it is 2oz, was affordable, and I used a very little bit on my brush to get this look. One thing I should mention is that this paint is Permanent! And when trying to weed your design, it is tough! If you look real close you can see my L is scratched. I used the hook to peel the centers of the letters off and scratched the paint in the process. See below how I could not get a good shot! I needed a solid colored plate to take this photo shoot on!

This paint can also be used to outline lettering or designs and I am sure there are many other uses for it, plus it comes in other colors. I should have thought ahead and gotten the green!

I recently wrote a post about making a chalkboard using pallet boards and have now decorated that chalkboard with a few Silhouette cuts as well. I used some faux fall leaves from the dollar store, alone with sme real hazelnuts I collected at a friends house, combined with my plate cover backed in gold (scrap vinyl) to help the word become more visible, and a burlap bag. Pulled it all together for ....


So there you have it! My 'Etched Glass' look, with Paint!

I want to thank you for stopping by to see my project. It means the world to me to have you here! But now, it is time to visit the rest of the Challenge participants to see their beautiful work. There is No doubt in my mind that these ladies will completely Blow Your Mind with their creativeness and stunning projects! You can visit them easily by following the links below!

Happy Travels!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Playing with spray adhesive

Okay, confession time here.....I do not sew!

Now that this is out of the way, I have had spray adhesive for months now but never used it for anything so I got a hair tonight to give it a whirl.

With the dark paneled walls in this mobile (rental), I am doing my decorating differently. I am trying to add light and color when ever possible. Easier said than done, I assure you. Given that this is a rental unit, I cannot remodel the place and that is bugging me, cause I want a bigger pantry-I have ideas! But I can't act on them. I want a different medicine cabinet, but am stuck with the triple door mess they have in here....all the things I dislike about this place I am stuck with.

Back to the Adhesive Spray...

So my son made a little shelf for me when he was in high school many years ago. He is 37 now, so he made this about 20-22 years ago! I always hang it in my living room, but it blends in and isn't very noticeable. Despite not sewing, I have a lot of fabric ( 2 sewing cabinets!) I decided to use a piece of fabric and make a background for my sons shelf.

I cut it to an estimated size. That's measuring here! Sounds crazy huh? Trust me, it is crazy. I grabbed my adhesive spray and glued the edges of my fabric, and made a rectangle out of it. Then, once I found my hammer, I used tack nails to hang it on the wall, with my sons' shelf in front.

Nothing fancy, but it works to make the shelf he labored over stand out a little more against those dark paneled wall. With better centering of the shelf it will be the perfect way to highlight a shelf made for me, so long ago.

Your comments always make me happy! Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Pallet Chalkboard

All I used was pallet boards and part of a sheet of MDF. A friend cut the MDF to the size I wanted, and I was off!

The pallet was an odd sized one, not standard. I found these odd ones on the roadside and inquired about them, loaded them up and brought them home. The other day I was thinking they almost look like frames, and the chalkboard idea was born.

I made sure my frame was in good shape, measured correctly, and fixed a crooked board or two. Then once my MDF was cut, I fit it into the frame that I had painted the night before. Then I painted the MDF with CHalkboard paint, let dry overnight and painted a 2nd coat today. I had already added the strips on top and bottom of the MDF to complete the frame.

Of course this was a rather bland chalkboard, so while my Silhouette was out for another project, I made a cuto apply to the chalkboard. That's it! Easy as can be...a simple project!

Now for the tough part...hanging it on my wall!! LOL

Update: The drill I borrowed from my buddy doesn't have the right drill bits to drill a simple ccouple holes in the chalkboard so I can hang it! I am sooooo disappointed! I won't be letting that get me down though, and it will be hung on my wall very very soon!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Vision for Octagon Table goes south

I have been slowly working on an Octagon shaped table that was recently given to me. I had a vision for it, and finally have it to a point where I could try to start pulling my vision for this table together.

I knew it would be a challenge. I wasn't positive it would be impossible....

All I can say is it looks bad. Pretty yes, but not what my vision was like....AT ALL!

There are 8 legs on this table with LOTS of detail. The (4) inside legs would be easy enough to do:

However the amount of detail on the (4) outer legs....well I am just not sure that I can pull this off! 

Up close and personal with this leg, it reminds me of a child eating spaghetti and getting it all over their little face. I used baby wipes to clean up the edges and it just looks like Blech! So now I am looking at weather or not I should continue to try this, or maybe use another color, or maybe just fill it in/paint over this with the original base color there and wax...letting the dark wax fill in where it wants?! 

Needless to say, if I continue with the detailing, this project is going to take a much longer time than anticipated. It already takes me triple the amount of time to complete a project than it does the average gal out there. Seriously, this post should be about this piece being all done! But instead, it about how I am doubting that I can pull off this vision I had. 

I don't know where I am going with this piece or with this post to be honest! I want so badly to get this piece done and up for sale. I still have soooooo much to do on it without the detailing! I guess what I need to do is go see what it is going to look like with just wax, and decide from there, right?

Meanwhile, I would love to read some input from other's! Would you skip the detail? Wax and call it good? Or would you move forward with this crazy vision on the detailing? 

Leave me a note in the comments!!!
And thanks for stopping by to see my latest mess!!