Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to focus

Just a quick post today about how I finally have time to focus on my blog.

With work taking a major chunk of my time these past few months, I have neglected this blog of mine. Not by choice, of course. I worked hard to get it up and working the way I wanted it and worked equally hard to develop and name for myself. I might be a little blog writer, but it is something I enjoy and it quickly became a passion.

So, my job has been kicking my butt. I have been in pain from the first day of going back to work. I don't mean a little gas pain here and there, but achy joints and the Worst trouble with my feet ever! Seriously, when a person has to stand all day long without getting to walk around, etc, their feet are essential and if their feet ache, they are miserable. I have been looking for good work boots and to date been unable to find a pair that I can be comfy in. I found myself so miserable that I was hating life and finally asked for some time off to go look for the boots I so desperately need. I will be doing that today. All suggestions welcome!! Must be waterproof and keep my feet warm, so no muck boots, Sorrel's, etc!

So since I am off today, despite having to look for boots I also have a bit of extra time to focus on my blog! Yippeeeeeee! Oh  how I have missed being here and writing. I have also missed crafting and painting like you can't imagine! I am anxious to paint a piece that was recently given to me and share it in the next few days, hopefully :)

I planned on sleeping in this morning but that plan flopped. My cat was outside and there was 'something' causing a ruckus outside at 4:30 this morning; I am still not sure what it was....another cat...or a raccoon....who knows! But my cat was not happy and woke me up.

 As I opened my door to let him him, my dogs bum rushed the door and chased everything away. Then my boy wouldn't come in, was out barking at the coyotes and in general being a brat. So I had to get dressed to go get him. Then I decided to just stay up and made my coffee.

Also, upon arriving home last night, I noticed my neighbor is moving, rather suddenly. She has 11 dogs and 10 horses so moving can't be easy. I feel for her in that respect but I am sure she is fine. She is a night owl, and I heard a lot of commotion late last night. So I will have a chance to see more of what is going on and hopefully to at least wish her well today too.

Last but not least, I noticed on my way home yesterday a place that has a lot of yard sales had their yard packed with furniture so I want to drop in there and see if there is anything affordable to make over ...I need to stock up while I have a paycheck coming so I can makeover and resell when times get tight in the near future. Plus, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't work on something new to share!!

So while I will still be plenty busy, I am hoping to be here more often to grow my blog some more. I want to thank those of you who have been loyal during my absence. I truly feel blessed to see that othe
rs still drop by despite my own inability to be here and post!