Saturday, October 19, 2013

Junk Sale Heaven

This nightstand was given to me recently by a friend. She had started sanding it to makeover herself but for health reasons she decided to stop. So I have used what little free time I have had lately to work on it.

At first I wanted a clean, crisp look. But that is just far too calm and ordinary for me right now. I decided to play with glaze...tinted glaze. This started out as a clear glaze, and quite awhile back, I tinted it, but never used it. So what better opportunity to try something new (to me). The hardest part for fme is getting straight lines and that just drives me crazy; also if I slip and have to do touch ups, I get so frustrated. This piece was no different.

And...I got to go to a junk sale today! Let me tell ya...I was thrilled to have the time to go. I was supposed to work, however the boss failed to mention that to me until 6:30 last night as I was leaving my job site. I was dismayed to hear, and simply said I couldn't. A friend sent me a text today to let me know theywere definately working, so I feel bad for the ones out there, but am soooo glad I declined the OT. We have already worked over 50 hours this week!

The sale was F.A.B! There was a ton more I wanted to buy, believe me. Using self control at a time like this was tough! They had rusty shovels and a ton more of rusty stuff including rusty box springs. They had tons of stuff in totes that I never peeked into. They had trunks; they had so much that I will be going back to look again and again!

What I did come home with was a galvanized tub, some feed sacks, a galvanized cream can (I think it's galvanized?) a cart with nice wheels and turned handles, and a wooden tool box. I paid $25 for it all.

Nasty stain on the top of the cart, but we all know it is quite doable. 
The guy at the sale said this can was for cream on a farm. 

This cart needs to be cleaned up and painted of course, but it is cute and lightweight, so much so, that I can carry it with one hand. I can't wait to get time to make it over and give it a new purpose in life! 

There was a  guy there that was working on a pick up truck. I asked him if he would mind taking a look at my car door...last weekend the struts that suppport that hatch on my minivan went out. The guy was sweet as could be...offered to fix it for me for $20 and parts. He ran up to the parts store, got the new struts, and came back and fixed the door right away! Cost me $90 total.

I came home, got stuff done around the house, finished up the night stand, had the guy I bought the dog house come to make repairs, and cleaned the dog yard, and now it is supper time! I am actually pretty hungry for a change.