Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Around the House

Today I did some stuff outside, around the house.

I needed to cut the Rhubarb back. Now I know Nothing about Rhubarb at all, but it was a huge plant when I moved in late August and was definitely starting to 'wilt' of the bush/vine/plant. So I cut it back, and got all the gunky stuff tossed over the fence into the blackberries (didn't know what else to do with it!)

Then there is the never ending yard clean up after the dogs. Blech! With 2 German Shepherds, it is a chore I face daily and can't let go.

As I was wondering the yard, I noticed that the walk gate was not as secure as I need it to be. I had already nailed a pallet board on to make the gate latch reach, but it wasn't secure enough. It looked like something had tried to push it's way in, and nearly succeeded. So I found a skinnier board to nail up, giving it a better reach to latch properly, if that is possible with a wood post to latch to!

Then there was the house address board. An untreated board with the house address kind of carved and painted black. With moss growing and dried on it. Not visible at all really. It was hung on the front of the fence and I have to admit it was weeks after moving in before I saw it! So down it came! I brought it up to the house, sanded the dry moss off, and hit it with some dark red paint. Then I poly'd the numbers, and waxed the whole board. Still not bright, but I don't want to advertise I am here much either. Just enough so UPS can see it to make a delivery now and then.

I have to keep busy or I will go stir crazy so next up is hooking up my stereo! Then when I am in the yard or painting, I can do it to tunes :) Once that is done, I suppose I should get the dogs brush out and take care of that chore while rockin' out to my favorite tunes too.

Of course, I am still working on my Octagon table, but with all the detail on it, this piece is going to take longer than I anticipated. Someday I will find  a piece that I can do in one day!