Saturday, October 12, 2013

a yard sale find

Today, as always I went to run my errands, grocery shopping etc and on the way home decided to stop in at a yard sale on a whim. I have been very diligent about paying bills and saving money because in the very near future I will be out of work for the rest of the year. That's just how construction goes in the winter. So, just like in Oregon, I figure I might be able to make a few extra bucks when times get tight, by painting and refurbing old pieces.

So anyway, I do the typical drive by to peek  at the sale and I see one piece of furniture. I park, and go to look. I knew it was a coffee table, and I am personally not big on coffee tables. I like to remake them, but not big on having one in my house. I check the price and it is cheap enough, with no major hard to fix damage. A few little nicks and scratches, but nothing major for a change!

I think to myself about how easy this piece would be to paint and bring new life to it. I question myself about paying full price, but it has good bones. So I bought it.

The gentleman offers to take it to my car, so I had Nooo clue that it was a heavy piece until I took it out of the car at home. All I can say is wow!  This really is a heavy coffee table, and one I would not want to move around a lot! I like the drop down leaves on it, and the overall design. The leaves are easy to drop down, just by pulling a bar underneath. The mechanics work wonderfully. No hard tugging to lift them or drop them.

This might end up staying with me for a bit. I like having the table in this living room. I like having a convenient place to set my laptop when I set it down to go do things. I like to put my feet up too. Not that I would do that after it is fixed up! But for the moment I am liking it. 

It opens up to be a big table too. 
(And of course my girlie, Nadia has to photo bomb this picture! She ahs a knack for doing that!)

I can easily see this shabbied up. Some light colored paint, distressed and living in my home for awhile. I say light colors because this mobile home has those darn dark paneled walls. They make everything so dreary, and I highly doubt the owner will approve any makeover of the walls. So I am doing what I can to add light hues in my furniture to add color and lighten the place up. 

With that in mind, what color would you paint this piece? Most times I end up with colors that are softer rather than brighter. I think I am burnt out on creams, but they do go well with brown and boring panelling. I need help to decide what to do. 

Of course, down the road there is always a chance it will go up for sale, But for the moment I am probably going to plan on keeping this one. At least until I find something else that I like better :)

Oh! The best part of this piece was the price tag!