Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Around the House

Today I did some stuff outside, around the house.

I needed to cut the Rhubarb back. Now I know Nothing about Rhubarb at all, but it was a huge plant when I moved in late August and was definitely starting to 'wilt' of the bush/vine/plant. So I cut it back, and got all the gunky stuff tossed over the fence into the blackberries (didn't know what else to do with it!)

Then there is the never ending yard clean up after the dogs. Blech! With 2 German Shepherds, it is a chore I face daily and can't let go.

As I was wondering the yard, I noticed that the walk gate was not as secure as I need it to be. I had already nailed a pallet board on to make the gate latch reach, but it wasn't secure enough. It looked like something had tried to push it's way in, and nearly succeeded. So I found a skinnier board to nail up, giving it a better reach to latch properly, if that is possible with a wood post to latch to!

Then there was the house address board. An untreated board with the house address kind of carved and painted black. With moss growing and dried on it. Not visible at all really. It was hung on the front of the fence and I have to admit it was weeks after moving in before I saw it! So down it came! I brought it up to the house, sanded the dry moss off, and hit it with some dark red paint. Then I poly'd the numbers, and waxed the whole board. Still not bright, but I don't want to advertise I am here much either. Just enough so UPS can see it to make a delivery now and then.

I have to keep busy or I will go stir crazy so next up is hooking up my stereo! Then when I am in the yard or painting, I can do it to tunes :) Once that is done, I suppose I should get the dogs brush out and take care of that chore while rockin' out to my favorite tunes too.

Of course, I am still working on my Octagon table, but with all the detail on it, this piece is going to take longer than I anticipated. Someday I will find  a piece that I can do in one day!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Setting up my 'craft room'

It is the back bedroom in the mobile I live in and slated to be my craft room. Built in drawers which are nice to hide a lot of fabric; a cupboard over the drawers that house extra linen's/blankets/pillows.

I picked up a cabinet to store my paint in, for $10 (the black thing on the right). The drawers for it need support rails replaced, so one is sitting on top of the cabinet to decorate and houses miscellaneous stuff for now.

I picked up a nightstand(above) that I painted for $10. Nothing in the drawers yet, but I am not done yet.

My two crates I managed to bring with me from Oregon are being used to either store supplies or decorate with. One sits on top of sewing machine #2 in the corner.

And I have future projects in waiting next to this sewing machine

With a built in vanity, I chose to use it to display my favorite collections for the moment.
Yes, Piggy Banks, one for each grandchild; and my copper utensils. 

Sewing machine #1 is handy for setting my Washi tape collection, my little handy dandy tool set and a basket of bobbins and threads on. At the moment, I have not sewn anything with my machine. Have to relearn since the last time I touched a sewing machine was in high school, and I am 50something now ;)

 I have moved things around so they fit the room better, putting said sewing machine under the window for better lighting, and cupboard in the corner out of the way. Along the wall inside the door is my long crate that needs to be sorted out and a couple of boxes that need to be sorted and put away. I just can't face them right is sooo overwhelming to think I moved organized and it is all in such disarray! At least now I have a better idea of where everything is, other than the milk jug set I thought I brought but cannot find. It was so darned cute, but I can't locate it. That is so very frustrating!

The center of the room is reserved for painting things like this:

I am thinking I am suffering from a case of the lazies being it is Saturday because that's as far as I got today so far. Next up, I will be painting more on that table above for something relaxing and fun to do! I need to relax and enjoy something I like doing. 

My daughter is giving me a dining table and chairs to redo and sell so I better get busy!! Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Where are we going?

My table asked me this today, I swear! I moved her out away from the wall when she asked. My answer? I have no idea!

That was the truth. I had no idea where I was taking this piece. I knew I wanted her to be light in color. It seems to be where I am stuck due to living in a mobile with dark panelled walls. I was thinking of how nice everything looks in AS Old White. But that wasn't exactly where I wanted to go with this lady.

To top it off, I neglected to take before pictures. It wasn't until I was working on her 8...yes Eight! legs, that it dawned on me, so I snagged a pic of a blank, ugly brown leg. (i promise I did some more dusting prior to paint! )...oh and the table is upside down at the moment too!

Luckily, I thought to take a picture of the colors I decided to work with. To the left is a color called Cowboy; to the right is Cream (that I used on my popular Oval Coffee Table) and in the center is a mix of the two.

A close up of the mix

After stirring both well, I used my stir stick to dribble the darker color into the lighter color and mixed away. I just wanted to take the brightness away, really. So here we are, although I am sure the mixture looks white as white can be here.

The legs are full of detail. I gave thought to taking them off so I could paint them one by one, but it was not to be. They are nailed and glued in place. This makes for quite a sturdy table, but does not allow for dis assembly to paint. Oh well!!

I started carefully applying the paint. At first the color still looked too bright, but once I had the opportunity to get a 2nd coat on a leg, I knew it was going to be wonderful. Not AS by any means, but certainly something I like!

I think after sanding and some wax, it will be just what I see ahead of us! 
At least now we know where we are going! 

This piece is far from done! I got a late start today and have a looong looong way to go. As I am painting legs, I am giving great thought to her top. Something that will make her stand out and give her a personality all her own, to go with her awesome detailed legs! Something that I have not tried yet ;)

Now... to go soak in the tub while my inner creative spirit is unleashed for more of this table....

Tune in again soon to see the final piece!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to focus

Just a quick post today about how I finally have time to focus on my blog.

With work taking a major chunk of my time these past few months, I have neglected this blog of mine. Not by choice, of course. I worked hard to get it up and working the way I wanted it and worked equally hard to develop and name for myself. I might be a little blog writer, but it is something I enjoy and it quickly became a passion.

So, my job has been kicking my butt. I have been in pain from the first day of going back to work. I don't mean a little gas pain here and there, but achy joints and the Worst trouble with my feet ever! Seriously, when a person has to stand all day long without getting to walk around, etc, their feet are essential and if their feet ache, they are miserable. I have been looking for good work boots and to date been unable to find a pair that I can be comfy in. I found myself so miserable that I was hating life and finally asked for some time off to go look for the boots I so desperately need. I will be doing that today. All suggestions welcome!! Must be waterproof and keep my feet warm, so no muck boots, Sorrel's, etc!

So since I am off today, despite having to look for boots I also have a bit of extra time to focus on my blog! Yippeeeeeee! Oh  how I have missed being here and writing. I have also missed crafting and painting like you can't imagine! I am anxious to paint a piece that was recently given to me and share it in the next few days, hopefully :)

I planned on sleeping in this morning but that plan flopped. My cat was outside and there was 'something' causing a ruckus outside at 4:30 this morning; I am still not sure what it was....another cat...or a raccoon....who knows! But my cat was not happy and woke me up.

 As I opened my door to let him him, my dogs bum rushed the door and chased everything away. Then my boy wouldn't come in, was out barking at the coyotes and in general being a brat. So I had to get dressed to go get him. Then I decided to just stay up and made my coffee.

Also, upon arriving home last night, I noticed my neighbor is moving, rather suddenly. She has 11 dogs and 10 horses so moving can't be easy. I feel for her in that respect but I am sure she is fine. She is a night owl, and I heard a lot of commotion late last night. So I will have a chance to see more of what is going on and hopefully to at least wish her well today too.

Last but not least, I noticed on my way home yesterday a place that has a lot of yard sales had their yard packed with furniture so I want to drop in there and see if there is anything affordable to make over ...I need to stock up while I have a paycheck coming so I can makeover and resell when times get tight in the near future. Plus, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't work on something new to share!!

So while I will still be plenty busy, I am hoping to be here more often to grow my blog some more. I want to thank those of you who have been loyal during my absence. I truly feel blessed to see that othe
rs still drop by despite my own inability to be here and post!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Junk Sale Heaven

This nightstand was given to me recently by a friend. She had started sanding it to makeover herself but for health reasons she decided to stop. So I have used what little free time I have had lately to work on it.

At first I wanted a clean, crisp look. But that is just far too calm and ordinary for me right now. I decided to play with glaze...tinted glaze. This started out as a clear glaze, and quite awhile back, I tinted it, but never used it. So what better opportunity to try something new (to me). The hardest part for fme is getting straight lines and that just drives me crazy; also if I slip and have to do touch ups, I get so frustrated. This piece was no different.

And...I got to go to a junk sale today! Let me tell ya...I was thrilled to have the time to go. I was supposed to work, however the boss failed to mention that to me until 6:30 last night as I was leaving my job site. I was dismayed to hear, and simply said I couldn't. A friend sent me a text today to let me know theywere definately working, so I feel bad for the ones out there, but am soooo glad I declined the OT. We have already worked over 50 hours this week!

The sale was F.A.B! There was a ton more I wanted to buy, believe me. Using self control at a time like this was tough! They had rusty shovels and a ton more of rusty stuff including rusty box springs. They had tons of stuff in totes that I never peeked into. They had trunks; they had so much that I will be going back to look again and again!

What I did come home with was a galvanized tub, some feed sacks, a galvanized cream can (I think it's galvanized?) a cart with nice wheels and turned handles, and a wooden tool box. I paid $25 for it all.

Nasty stain on the top of the cart, but we all know it is quite doable. 
The guy at the sale said this can was for cream on a farm. 

This cart needs to be cleaned up and painted of course, but it is cute and lightweight, so much so, that I can carry it with one hand. I can't wait to get time to make it over and give it a new purpose in life! 

There was a  guy there that was working on a pick up truck. I asked him if he would mind taking a look at my car door...last weekend the struts that suppport that hatch on my minivan went out. The guy was sweet as could be...offered to fix it for me for $20 and parts. He ran up to the parts store, got the new struts, and came back and fixed the door right away! Cost me $90 total.

I came home, got stuff done around the house, finished up the night stand, had the guy I bought the dog house come to make repairs, and cleaned the dog yard, and now it is supper time! I am actually pretty hungry for a change.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

a yard sale find

Today, as always I went to run my errands, grocery shopping etc and on the way home decided to stop in at a yard sale on a whim. I have been very diligent about paying bills and saving money because in the very near future I will be out of work for the rest of the year. That's just how construction goes in the winter. So, just like in Oregon, I figure I might be able to make a few extra bucks when times get tight, by painting and refurbing old pieces.

So anyway, I do the typical drive by to peek  at the sale and I see one piece of furniture. I park, and go to look. I knew it was a coffee table, and I am personally not big on coffee tables. I like to remake them, but not big on having one in my house. I check the price and it is cheap enough, with no major hard to fix damage. A few little nicks and scratches, but nothing major for a change!

I think to myself about how easy this piece would be to paint and bring new life to it. I question myself about paying full price, but it has good bones. So I bought it.

The gentleman offers to take it to my car, so I had Nooo clue that it was a heavy piece until I took it out of the car at home. All I can say is wow!  This really is a heavy coffee table, and one I would not want to move around a lot! I like the drop down leaves on it, and the overall design. The leaves are easy to drop down, just by pulling a bar underneath. The mechanics work wonderfully. No hard tugging to lift them or drop them.

This might end up staying with me for a bit. I like having the table in this living room. I like having a convenient place to set my laptop when I set it down to go do things. I like to put my feet up too. Not that I would do that after it is fixed up! But for the moment I am liking it. 

It opens up to be a big table too. 
(And of course my girlie, Nadia has to photo bomb this picture! She ahs a knack for doing that!)

I can easily see this shabbied up. Some light colored paint, distressed and living in my home for awhile. I say light colors because this mobile home has those darn dark paneled walls. They make everything so dreary, and I highly doubt the owner will approve any makeover of the walls. So I am doing what I can to add light hues in my furniture to add color and lighten the place up. 

With that in mind, what color would you paint this piece? Most times I end up with colors that are softer rather than brighter. I think I am burnt out on creams, but they do go well with brown and boring panelling. I need help to decide what to do. 

Of course, down the road there is always a chance it will go up for sale, But for the moment I am probably going to plan on keeping this one. At least until I find something else that I like better :)

Oh! The best part of this piece was the price tag!