Sunday, September 1, 2013

Working vs furniture makeover's

This has been a busy week, in trying to get back to work and following up on places that may be looking for help in my expertise- I work in traffic control for road work crews, as a flagger. I am Union, and take a  lot of calls from the hall, but can also look on my own. I was back in Washington for exactly one week, not even unpacked yet other than essentials and went to work for two days for a company that was doing a paving job. It required an hour and a half drive to the job site and too 2.5 hrs to get home each evening. The job itself was a mile and a quarter long, and I was giving lunch a bathroom breaks the first job, walking the whole 1 1/4 mile hill a total of 6 times in all. From sitting on my butt for a year to this, was hard! 

After that two days job, I decided to go back to the company I worked for prior to moving to Oregon. Now I have all my ducks in a row and should go to work on Tuesday and can only say I am extremely grateful! 

As for my furniture makeover's, I am getting there. I never knew how hard it would be to find a happy balance in doing both. I have so many things I want to do! I have everything but a piece of plywood that I need to build an Armoire out of shutters. I also have a need to build a hutch top to set on top of my new to me buffet. I have paint on the way for the buffet and it is sanded and ready to paint as soon as it arrives. Then, hopefully my son will be here next weekend and I intend to put him to work helping me get the topper built. My kitchen is teeny tiny and there is really no place to put drinking glasses. Odd, I know. So we will get this built as soon as possible. I also want my son to help me build a gate for my deck. I will be usig the deck for my dogs to stay on while I am at work. They will be dry, safe, and have shelter from the sun all in one! 

Today I went to my daughter's and retrieved a corner table that I had given to her 6 years ago. It needs TLC. It has a glass top and the wood of the table is in rough shape but my daughter doesn't want me to paint it. Silly girl! She will get over it eventually, but for now it is clean and covered with a table cloth. 

Once I get her over the 'don't paint it' phase, it will get the work it needs done and I will share. 

In other news, the days I moved...the day we pulled out from Baker City, Oregon, I disconnected my TV set. Took the base off of my flat screen TV and promptly lost the screws. So I have been trying my best to find screws to fit for two weeks now. 

Well, today I also went to my son's house which is a 40 mile drive and takes an hour. He & his girlfriend were having a Labor Day party and invited me out. While I was there, I got screws from him that worked beautifully! Finally my TV is on it's stand, not leaning against the wall. I also got most of my high visibility gear back from him for work. I gave it all to him because I wasn't going to stay in this line of work after I moved. I never saw moving back as an option back then. 

So my new place is beginning to come together. My pair of German Shepherds have their own bedroom, LOL This mobile is a 2 bdrm 1 ba with an add on. The add on is my bedroom, the smallest bdrm is where I set up the dogs crates. It is just right for two crates and room in between. It also has built in drawers and closet so all of the dog related items are in there. Organized!

One of my kitties, Pepe, found a cupboard over the dryer in the bathroom to sleep in, and my old fat cat shares my room. That leaves the back bedroom for my craft room. For the moment, my vintage sewing machine, all of my paints and supplies are back there along with a lot of boxes that still need to be unpacked. I keep that door closed to keep the animals out of my mess. I have a good sized yard and a storage shed, and of course the deck. Not sure where I will be painting yet, and I am thinking I might need a desk in there for other crafting stuff, like my Silhouette. 

At the moment, I have limited Internet access because I am hot spotting off of my tablet. That makes uploading pics very time consuming and posts take a lot of data to write, especially pic heavy ones, so that's why I have delayed writing posts lately. As soon as I get back to steady work, this will change, so please please please...bear with me! 

Check back for some painted pieces coming up soon as well as my two custom builds! The Armoire and the buffet topper will be done very very soon if I have my way!