Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Painting tool I can't live without!

My paint kit tip… A painting tool I can't live without! 

As we are all painting stunning projects, I am sure you have each found what works best for you as far as must haves in your daily ‘kit’. I am going to share an essential in my paint kit today.

First, the reason for this item to be included:

I have dogs. Two Long coated German Shepherds. One that sheds year round. She has a very fine under coat. That means very fine, wavy crinkly hairs floating all about, all the time, and at times landing on fresh, wet paint. There is no way around this problem right now because I work in my home and/or on my deck. No matter how much I clean prior to starting each day the hairs are still floating.

So I had to find a way to get those fine hairs off of my wet paint without creating a mess, or ruining my hard work. I also have an occasional paint brush hair fall off as I work which needs to be removed and this little tool helps with that as well.

It is a pair of household tweezers! 

I keep one next to me any time I paint. So when a brush hair comes loose as I am painting or a dog hair lands in my wet paint, I simply grab my tweezers and remove the hair that moment. This makes my projects continue to run smoothly and look their best. After all, with so many of doing this, it would be so terribly embarrassing to have someone see I was lazy and left a hair on a piece. The tweezers are cheap and come in a few different styles. I have one pair that has a pointed tip so I can grab my target usually without disturbing the paint! 

I also have the flat headed style that I can grab an end of a bristle with fairly easily. I think my tweezers are as important as a paint can opener and sanding block!

And here is a pair of tweezers that I want to try because sometimes a magnifier would help me to see those fine little dog hairs even better! 

So that is my paint tip of today as random as it is. Hope you find it helpful!