Monday, September 30, 2013

My latest finds...

I have a friend who had some older furniture for sale, and I thought this would be a good place to start now that I am home. So here are my latest finds...

First is the sewing machine...very old sewing machine. Talk about heavy! The cabinet it is in is nice though. If I recall correctly, the machine itself does not work any longer. Since I have another older sewing machine, I want to make this sewing machine cabinet into a small craft table for my Silhouette. I think it will be fun to make a box to fit inside where the sewing machine is and that will be where I store my Silhouette when not in use. I can paint a decorate the cabinet, and add my own style to it overall.

Next up is a nightstand, of which a good picture I failed to get due to where it is sitting in my mess of a room. My friend was doing her own refinishing, etc so had already done some sanding on it. Sweet! A small step ahead for me. She is no longer doing the refinishing as she has just learned she is pregnant! I am soooo very happy for her and her family! I benefit by getting my hands on a few pieces to work on.

This last piece is complicated. At one time it was a stand with a round top, that contained a drawer. The stand is still in nice shape and so is the drawer. The round top is in pieces. So many pieces in fact, that I am not sure I can reassemble it correctly. I am going to try, but not holding my breath. In the event that I can't reassemble the round top of this piece, I am going to make a good effort to building a new top to fit the pretty drawer in. I just Love the legs on this stand, so just about anything would work in building something new for it. I love the legs of the stand though and can't wait to see what I can come up with to make it look fabulous.

Here is the round table top in many many pieces. Being that I got it this way, I have no idea what goes where. I also did not have time today to really examine it. This pieces was actually free, and I paid $15 each for the other two pieces. 

The drawer for this table ahs good bones. It will be a great part to use in another table table top without a doubt and that, along with the legs made it worthwhile to bring it home. 

I know $30 is a lot for pieces that are so far gone. But I mean it was my friend and I know she will use the money to put towards all things baby ;) and I certainly don't mind helping a friend. In return, if I need help with my dogs like I did last Thursday, she volunteered to come take care of them. I had an incident this past week where one of my German Shepherds got out of the kennel somehow while the other couldn't do it and was screeching all day cause he was jealous. Lucky for me, this friend knows the breed having two of her own, is not scared of my two & knows their traits, good and bad, and she lives just 5 miles away.

So in the long run, I feel like it was a great deal! I got a few pieces to work on, and found someone to call in case of emergency with my dogs. Now all I need is a spare weekend of free time to get busy with these pieces!