Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A simple old plant stand to add a pop of color

In my last post, I told you about retrieving my old plant stands from my daughter. They were so simple, but they were dry, untreated wood.

Yesterday was the first time since moving two weeks ago that I finally managed to pick up a paintbrush! Ahhh the stress relieving paintbrush. I needed to add a pop of color to my mobile filled with brown paneling. The stands can be used for more then just plants of course, and having moved here with literally no furniture, I took everything my family and friends were willing to give back to me. I decided to use milk paint on this natural raw wooden stand. There are two of them, but one was in far worse shape than the other. See the one my TV is sitting on? This is the better of the two!

I sanded it down, then cleaned it with several methods to get the dust and dirt off. Mixed up some Sea Green from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company, and went to work. Once it was covered with paint, I distressed it a bit, and waxed it to a beautiful sheen. I added a lamp and a basket and this is the end result. The wax used here was a house wax I picked up from Orphaned Decor awhile back. It smells like pine and buffs out wonderfully!

Now to do something about that Walmart lamp!