Friday, August 9, 2013

Update on moving!

Just a quick update for those who would like to know. Today I secured my new place n Washington!

It is a mobile home, an older one, but with new carpet and new vinyl in the bathroom. I was fortunate enough to have a good rental history with a property management outfit in the Tacoma area and they are happy to have me back! It is a 3 bedroom, 1bath, on a large piece of property that is fenced and cross fenced. It comes with a washer and dryer, yard maintenance, and water and sewer is paid. It is in the country there and I will be perfectly safe with my overly protective German Shepherds! After a year of living with my brother, one still is not fully sure she trusts him and nips at him if he touches my old fat cat.

My parents have loaned me the money I need to secure this mobile and to get by until I can get back to work. The job I left there now pays $25.41/hr so I stand to bring home over $700/wk. There is also a new Amazon warehouse there and I have heard it pays $18/hr, with the potential to bring home over $2,000/mo My rent at this property will be $875/mo, so I can easily afford it no matter what job I end up at.

I still need to finish up painting that dining room table and chairs, clean up my sideboard that I brought with me to sell (no I am not taking it back-ever so heavy!) and sell a few other items. Last night I had a virtual yard sale on Facebook and sold everything I have already painted. I am now just waiting for a few of those people to make arrangements to pick up their purchases.

I have gathered boxes and began packing yesterday. Having secured the mobile, I can now pack and plan accordingly. Having a week to wrap up the final details of my life here this past year. My brother is borrowing a large trailer to haul my things back for me, and will also visit his twin daughters while in the area.

Looking forward to putting my life together without a doubt, but totally stoked to be back where I can see my kids and grands often!

As my readers, you can definitely look for home decorating, organizing, and lots of country views coming up in a very short time here on my blog. I have plans already for window treatments! Can we say drop cloths!?!?!?!??!!

Now if only I could wiggle my Bewitched little nose and have the packing all done, time passed and be on the road to my new life! haha!