Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am home!

I got here Tuesday, signed the lease, yadda yadda...

But first I came out to drop off my brother, his truck & the trailer he was hauling. When I pulled into the driveway, first thing I saw just past my fence and yard was two coyotes, who promptly ran off. I have heard them yippin' and howling at night ever since, but not seen them again.

My brother and I unloaded the trailer's, and a good deal of my stuff is still in the yard and on the deck. As I have gone along, I have realized so many items I forgot at my brother's and this is not the kind of thing that I can go pick up, due to the 400 miles between us. Like my toaster...who forgets their toaster???

I do!

I live on the end of a dead end gravel road now. The lady next door has about 13 horses. She also told me she has 9 German Shepherds and 2 Aussies. When these dogs are out, they are used to running loose, and they also have considered my yard as theirs for the past 9 months since this place has been unoccupied. Given that I also have two German Shepherds, that poses a problem. As we introduced ourselves she was wanting to have our dogs be introduced too. I told her no thank you. There is something off about this lady and I am not comfortable with my dogs meeting a pack of dogs, even one by one without first knowing the quality of care they get.

So on with my new place!

Here is the view from my deck

Behind those trees on the other side of the pasture I can see the sun rise, our beautiful Mt. Rainier, and then watch as the moon sets at night. 

You can't beat that! 

I need to upload more pictures, and get them posted too. 

At the moment, I am using my mobile hot spot to get online, so I have to be careful about data usage. Already have Dish for cable, but no Internet. So for now this tease is all you get, but rest assured, I will be back with sooooo much more to share !!!