Monday, August 12, 2013

Dining table and stenciled Centerpiece!

Can ya believe that I finally managed to dedicate a day to wrapping up the dining table? I have had it for probably a month now, but as  I got it started all kinds of things happened and today was the first day I was inspired to make my vision for it become a reality. Let me tell has taken all day.

Here is a taste (pun intended) of the table top.

First I had to finish painting spots I could reach when I began it a few weeks ago. After that I decided to tighten up the legs and take a look under it. I always do things extremely backwards! When I bought this table and 4 captains chairs for $50 there was no leaf, and today I found out why. It is under the table with a wire pull to raise it up. It then folds over into a full leaf, but when it is stored it is in half. If that makes sense...if not, it will when I get to pics!

Then I mixed some colors into Liquid Wax for Pure Earth Paints. A little of this and a little of that, until I came up with a light brown. Applying this wax is Extremely easy. Dip your rag in and apply. Give it 5 minutes and buff! After waxing, I decided to do a white wash, followed by a top coat of clear wax. In between all of this, at one point, I had the two outer parts of the table top painted but a nearly new leaf, all shiny and brown. Hmmm...I was planning on doing a table runner in paint on this piece when I first started, but with no leaf decided not to, then upon discovering the leaf changed plans again. What I came up with was a stenciled centerpiece framed in black. The black is for a pop and to draw ones eyes to the stenciling work. The stenciling itself was done in Pure Earth Paints Opaque Copper. It is only done on the leaf, so when that is folded away you have a 'normal' table. Here is the "Centerpiece", including a spot or two where I have touch up work to do!

I will fix the oops in the morning!

I will wax the ends in the same color in the morning. 

I am liking this 'centerpiece' a LOT!

I have kept you all waiting for far too long for this post, so didn't get to a point tonight where I got pics of folding the 'centerpiece' away. I also still need to do a top coat of clear wax over the entire table after a few minor touch ups. This is officially listed for sale on my local classifieds as soon as I finish this post, for a simple $100 which includes the 4 captain's chairs that I don't have time to paint, due to the need to pack.

Just one week till I leave to move to Washington!

Once I do my touch ups, and wax the entire table in the morning, I will update this post so please, come back tomorrow eve for the final photo shoot! Until then I would love to hear your thoughts in this piece, overall and especially on the centerpiece stenciling!