Monday, August 12, 2013

August SIlhouette Challenge Project!!

It is that time again, when we gather together to post our Silhouette Projects, hosted by Lauren at The Thinking Closet!! I am excited to join the group again this month to share my ever so lame project this month!

Yes, that's right...this one is, in several ways, a bit lame! Well, not so much lame as it is sloppy, because wrapping vinyl around the tube was difficult impossible to get a smooth surface!

Here's the story:

During a very rough weekend, I discovered that my supply box, filled with paints, stains, brushes, rags, and all my goodies, was not leak proof. A can of stain had tipped over, and leaked out into the supply box, which in turn leaked out onto my seat. The stain is not only on my seat, but also all over my paintbrushes! Oh noooo....we can't have that! I can clean the brushes easy enough....the seat will be a problem for a minute.

Another issue I was having was with scraps of vinyl in my Silhouette box, making me look like a slob untidy. I have gotten a couple of orders recently of vinyl from MyVinylDirect, and the vinyl comes in tubes. I was thinking there had to be Something that I could do with these study tubes rather than toss them. So on Tuesday of this week, it hit me! Why not use one for brushes and one for scraps! My first tube was for my paintbrushes and didn't turn out too bad really.

I wanted to do something for myself anyway, and wanted them to look pretty. Being super aware of using vinyl to decorate the tubes, not wanting to waste one bit of vinyl, I decided to part with a few sheets to dress the tubes up. I used scraps to cut the lettering, and as I fought with the vinyl wrapping around the tube, I questioned my idea. I just couldn't get a smooth surface no matter how much I tried to push and rub the bubbles out. Since it isn't a Huge deal for my own stuff, I gave up and finished the project. I will always have time to figure out how to do this better in the future!

My scrap tube gave me the most trouble. The purple vinyl just would Not lay down bubble free! I also forgot to take the excess vinyl off of the lettering, and have to work it differently. This is the tube that will hold all of my little scraps and be hidden in my Silhouette box, which fits perfectly, so I am not going to stress about it, but wowzer, what an eyesore! LOL

See all of those wrinkles? They will drive me nuts and will probably get fixed soon! At least I don't have vinyl scraps and transfer tape loose in the box, getting in my way now, so it works. 

Now to make up for my sloppy work on my tubes, I made a dandelion reverse stencil. This was something I wanted to try despite the vinyl 'waste' and again, I used scraps to make this. I cut the dandelion file found in the Silhouette Studio, applied it to my board and painted it all. After the paint was dry, I removed the vinyl. Then I wanted it to look a touch more realistic, so I cut some grass using Silhouette Studio again, and added the grass under my dandelions. 

It needs the trim of the board painted in this picture, and Mod Podge to seal it all, but it is at my dad house right now so will not be done for another day or two, till I remember to bring it home. 

These projects are my contributions to he Silhouette Challenge for August, 2013. There are lots of beautiful projects completed this month by all of the other wonderful gals in the group and you can visit them all by following the links below! Be sure to let them know how much you like their projects because we all work hard each month to bring something new and cool to the table! 

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