Saturday, August 24, 2013

Looky what I just got!

Hello Happy Readers! I hope this finds you all well!

I am happy and ready to get back to what I enjoy doing! That means projects and paint! I found that my kitchen leaves a lot to be desired, even for me who is totally not a cook. The cabinets are lacking in major ways and the drawers are not supported well, not lined. I cringe at the thought of putting silverware in these drawers!

I have been kicking myself for leaving my sideboard at my brother's in Oregon, however it was quite heavy and would take up a lot of space in the U Haul. was a good one for yard sales and After talking to an old friend, I went to their house and we went together. Not to a yard sale, but to my friends daughter's. She & her husband had a sideboard/buffet they needed to sell. I knew it would not be in great shape, but I also knew I can fix just about anything now ;)

Here it is!

Bet 'cha can't guess what this cost me! 
Awww... come on! Try to guess....

Oh cost $15.00
It has the potential for being a piece of beauty! 
The drawers are exactly what we all look for in a piece (although that word escapes me at the moment) and they need work too...look at the rough shape the drawers are in! 

This whole piece is in really rough shape.

I believe this will be my Big Challenge! The one that says I can really do this or that I am not too good at it after all.

It needs a lot of TLC which I am going to give it. Not to the best of my ability. I want to exceed what I have done to date! I want to excel! 

This buffet is for my personal use in my tiny sad little kitchen. It is going to be where I keep my silverware and utensils and tea towels and important kitchen items. I am also going to look for another cupboard that can sit on the top of it. One that I can use for glassware. Just every day drinking glasses and that kind of thing. There is no place to put them in this inky dinky little kitchen! 

So while I left my original buffet behind in Oregon, I have not only a cooler looking one here but one I can fix up and paint and make it just 'our' style! Being that I live in the country now, shabby chic will fit in perfectly! 

I can't wait to get started! Better yet, I can't wait to see the finished piece and how it turns out! 
This is going to be a lot of work but oh so worth it! Best of all, I am keeping this baby! It will be the first piece I do for myself! 

Now for a few decisions.....first of all, color! Being that I am now living in a mobile home with ugly brown paneling, I need something to lighten up my space. I have not decided where it will sit just yet, so that will be another decision to make in the near future. I am thinking something light, but not tan. The valance that the owner put in before I arrived have a linen tan color and burgundy in it. 

Some of the writing is also a gold tone so maybe that would be a good choice for this sideboard. I think that might add a perfect pop to brighten up the space and start bringing my own personality into this place at he same time. I really really need your input here and guess what?!? There is comment box below just for your input! What would YOU do with this worn and tired piece of potential?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday morning Lovies! This is going to be a fabulous weekend!

So let's see...where to begin...

My brother spent last night w/his twin 20 year old daughters so it was my first might alone in this new place. I enjoyed it to the max! After living alone and in small spaces over the past 6 years, this is Heaven!

Night before last as my brother and I sat out watching the moon rising, my male German Shepherd, aka Handsome Hunk aka Zisso aka Bubba, heard the coyotes howling and for the first time, he howled! I have had home for almost 5 years now and it was the first time I heard him do this. The video is dark of course, but you can hear him going to town and my brother & I laughing at him.

My girl Nadia is settling in nicely, loving the space and behaving well too.

My old fat cat who is 13 finally got to go outside for a bit this morning. She is unsure about it all so wasn't out for long. The cats can go under the deck for safety. Keekers also saw horses for the first time ever and while she didn't get remotely close, she handled it well.

Please excuse the mess of totes on the deck. It will take time to get them all put away as I sort everything and find a place to store them. 

My other cat, Pepe, was driving me nutso last night because he is used to be out at night. I am scared to death I am going to lose him to the coyotes, but finally caved and let him out. He had been out earlier in the day to investigate so I left him out all night. This morning he was at the door to come in and is now sleeping in a bathroom cupboard. Good Boy Pepe! 

Since my brother was gone, I got a ton accomplished yesterday. Unpacking and getting organized. I have been doing a lot of laundry to get caught up and trying my best to get the basics done to make this a home. I am also fighting a butt load of flies, thanks to the neighbor not keeping her stalls clean. She has 10 horses and 11 dogs, 9 of which are German Shepherds. 

Before I ever moved to Oregon, m two dogs had an awesome relationship with my good friend John. This friend was with me when I adopted both dogs and they always adored him.So when we got back, that very first day, John came to visit. My dogs were thrilled to see hm again and I got it on video as seen below. 

Upon arriving here, I found a note from the owner and discovered that she had done some decorating for me. She put up nice new blinds in the front window, curtains (plain tan ones) in the other living room windows and cute country style valances on the kitchen windows. Here is the kitchen window

Every room has new curtains and everything is cute and cozy. The surroundings are quiet and will make for an easy time painting and creating with no disturbances. I have a limited amount of cupboard in the kitchen so will be looking for a few pieces of furniture, with hopes of finding a hutch. I am also going to be building my armoire that I have put off forever. 

Right now the back bedroom is the pets room. My dogs crates are quite large and take up a lot of space so by putting them in there it gives them room and saves my living room area for people! The little bedroom is full of boxes that need to be unpacked and sorted out, but with time on my hands it's no big rush. 

Off to change laundry and see what else I can get done! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am home!

I got here Tuesday, signed the lease, yadda yadda...

But first I came out to drop off my brother, his truck & the trailer he was hauling. When I pulled into the driveway, first thing I saw just past my fence and yard was two coyotes, who promptly ran off. I have heard them yippin' and howling at night ever since, but not seen them again.

My brother and I unloaded the trailer's, and a good deal of my stuff is still in the yard and on the deck. As I have gone along, I have realized so many items I forgot at my brother's and this is not the kind of thing that I can go pick up, due to the 400 miles between us. Like my toaster...who forgets their toaster???

I do!

I live on the end of a dead end gravel road now. The lady next door has about 13 horses. She also told me she has 9 German Shepherds and 2 Aussies. When these dogs are out, they are used to running loose, and they also have considered my yard as theirs for the past 9 months since this place has been unoccupied. Given that I also have two German Shepherds, that poses a problem. As we introduced ourselves she was wanting to have our dogs be introduced too. I told her no thank you. There is something off about this lady and I am not comfortable with my dogs meeting a pack of dogs, even one by one without first knowing the quality of care they get.

So on with my new place!

Here is the view from my deck

Behind those trees on the other side of the pasture I can see the sun rise, our beautiful Mt. Rainier, and then watch as the moon sets at night. 

You can't beat that! 

I need to upload more pictures, and get them posted too. 

At the moment, I am using my mobile hot spot to get online, so I have to be careful about data usage. Already have Dish for cable, but no Internet. So for now this tease is all you get, but rest assured, I will be back with sooooo much more to share !!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

It's almost time...

My dining room, or should I say my brother's dining room, is filling up fast, with boxes stacked up packed and ready.

All arrangements have been made for my new place! Dresser's are emptied for easier loading and trailer's will be picked up tomorrow. I will have a day and a half to fill them up. One 6 x 12 and one 8 x 4. My brother is hauling the bog one, I am hauling the little one; I will also have my 2 dogs and 2 cats with me.

Garage is sorted out to the best of my ability. Nothing is left hanging on my walls. Coffee pot, microwave, toaster and A/C unit will be last to go. It is almost time to tuck my tail and go home.

It's not for the lack of trying...I have looked for work for a year and during that year I got interested in painting vintage furniture. I was hoping to have it to fall back on. But a poor town can't even sustain a little home made business and it won't suffice during the winter ahead.

(Last winter)

In reflecting back on this year, I have much to be thankful for. Having this year with my parents is one I certainly value. I cannot express how much it means to me to have had the opportunity to spend a year with them. Helping them, enjoying their company. Getting along with my dad. That is huge because I never did get along with him as a teen or young adult. It has been great to know it was possible and to share precious moments with him.

Having time with mom was equally divine. While she is slipping away due to dementia, she still had her vivid moments, and it was a delight to see that shine from time to time. Listening to her stories from days gone by were touching and sometimes painful, but knowing she still has those memories to comfort her helps to know she will never be alone in there.

My relationship with my brother has been enormously boosted. We have a bond now that will see us into our days of old. We have had some of the craziest times here! From getting a washer and dryer and setting them up on the utility trailer and washing clothes out there. We called it our Hillbilly Laundry room! What a hoot that was!

I am grateful for the splendid bonds that will last me a lifetime. Without my brother's kindness to give me a place to live, this would not have been possible and I would have had to live with regrets. I will only be an 8 hour drive away so can come back often and can come back should there be an emergency. I am grateful my brother will be hereto handle immediate situations for our parents. Like he did when dad fainted and their water main busted when I was in Montana.

I am going to miss my family here in Oregon; from Tippy-mom and dad's little guy...

To seeing my nippy girl Nadia loving on my dad

And seeing mom actually enjoy Big dogs

I am going to miss my mom and dad....a LOT!

Looking forward, I have these precious moments to cling to as I conquer a new life back in Washington. Going back to work after a year of hanging out with my family will certainly not be easy! Yet it is a necessity of life and one I will take by the horns. I am going back to construction work where the money is good and can see me through the next 6 years until I can retire. While I am working and being self sufficient, caring for my pets and rebuilding my life there, I will continue to learn and paint and decorate. At 56 years young, I still have much living to do! I would love to open my own shop when I retire and share and teach all things good in this thing we all love so much!

With a new place to set up, my posts are likely to increase! It is a rather large property with a nice deck to enjoy my morning coffee on while the dogs investigate the passing smells of the night. We will be anxious to enjoy the space and views. To watch the neighboring horses and the moon light too! I am taking all that I have learned through all of you to a new home where I can incorporate as much as I can and of course you can follow me here to see it all come to light!

A new beginning is on my just 4 days! So follow along as I walk this walk to this new endeaver, new life and new prospects. Come along with me to my new home where the air is fresh and the view is stunning! And watch as I pull it all together in the coming months as I begin this part of my journey. This IS going to be an Awesome Chapter in my life!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dining table Final Reveal~

I know it has taken me forever to get this piece done. It has been a challenge to make plans to move, pack and paint all at once. I never knew how hard it would be, and hopefully will never have to go through this again! To top it all off, I have had a sore neck, with what I believe to be a slipped disk which ahs proven tobe extremely painful.

So without further babbling, here it is~

The table top has a marbled look to it, which I created with a Liquid Wax for Pure Earth Paints. I added custom coloring to the wax, mixing it to a brownish color. Once the wax was on and dry I did a white wash over the top. I left this to cure for day while nursing my slipped disk in my neck, and went to work to finish this up just this morning.

To finish the piece, I used clear liquid wax for a top coat, gave it about 5-10 minutes to dry then buffed it out to a beautiful shine.

The leaf required a bit more work. I still needed to apply the marble finish and white wash, as well as to sand the 'centerpiece'. Once it was al complete and ready, I applied to top coat of Liquid Wax, and buffed it out for that beautiful shine. With the leaf built in, the 'centerpiece' is only visible with the leaf pulled up and that is easier than any leaf I have seen before. Simply pull table apart, and the leaf comes up, open it, or unfold it, then slide table together again, giving an instant beautiful centerpiece for conversation, and it is quite  beautiful.

Folding it up, tucking it away.
(I know the photo below is not pretty. It is the underside of the leaf, and I simply overlooked that part.)

For every day use, you have a normal, marbled dining table. 

There are things I could have done better, without a doubt. I allowed my upcoming move to obscure the vision I had and for that I am ashamed! 

I can without a doubt that Pure Earth Paints is my favorite of all the paints I have used. While each paint has it's own special qualities, Pure Earth Paint is most versatile and forgiving, especially for a beginner like myself. I was able to manipulate the Liquid Wax to a color I liked to creat the marbling look, and it is super easy to apply. It took me less than ten minutes to apply and buff the top coat. To test the durability, I spilled a small glass of water on it table immediately after buffing, and it beaded up and rolled off, wiped up easily with no harm to the freshly buffed wax. 

*I recieved product to test for this and other projects from Pure Earth Paint, and all opinions are my own*

I will definitely continue to use these paints for the ease and for the delightful customer service! Toni and Melody are a joy to chat with! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dining table and stenciled Centerpiece!

Can ya believe that I finally managed to dedicate a day to wrapping up the dining table? I have had it for probably a month now, but as  I got it started all kinds of things happened and today was the first day I was inspired to make my vision for it become a reality. Let me tell has taken all day.

Here is a taste (pun intended) of the table top.

First I had to finish painting spots I could reach when I began it a few weeks ago. After that I decided to tighten up the legs and take a look under it. I always do things extremely backwards! When I bought this table and 4 captains chairs for $50 there was no leaf, and today I found out why. It is under the table with a wire pull to raise it up. It then folds over into a full leaf, but when it is stored it is in half. If that makes sense...if not, it will when I get to pics!

Then I mixed some colors into Liquid Wax for Pure Earth Paints. A little of this and a little of that, until I came up with a light brown. Applying this wax is Extremely easy. Dip your rag in and apply. Give it 5 minutes and buff! After waxing, I decided to do a white wash, followed by a top coat of clear wax. In between all of this, at one point, I had the two outer parts of the table top painted but a nearly new leaf, all shiny and brown. Hmmm...I was planning on doing a table runner in paint on this piece when I first started, but with no leaf decided not to, then upon discovering the leaf changed plans again. What I came up with was a stenciled centerpiece framed in black. The black is for a pop and to draw ones eyes to the stenciling work. The stenciling itself was done in Pure Earth Paints Opaque Copper. It is only done on the leaf, so when that is folded away you have a 'normal' table. Here is the "Centerpiece", including a spot or two where I have touch up work to do!

I will fix the oops in the morning!

I will wax the ends in the same color in the morning. 

I am liking this 'centerpiece' a LOT!

I have kept you all waiting for far too long for this post, so didn't get to a point tonight where I got pics of folding the 'centerpiece' away. I also still need to do a top coat of clear wax over the entire table after a few minor touch ups. This is officially listed for sale on my local classifieds as soon as I finish this post, for a simple $100 which includes the 4 captain's chairs that I don't have time to paint, due to the need to pack.

Just one week till I leave to move to Washington!

Once I do my touch ups, and wax the entire table in the morning, I will update this post so please, come back tomorrow eve for the final photo shoot! Until then I would love to hear your thoughts in this piece, overall and especially on the centerpiece stenciling!

August SIlhouette Challenge Project!!

It is that time again, when we gather together to post our Silhouette Projects, hosted by Lauren at The Thinking Closet!! I am excited to join the group again this month to share my ever so lame project this month!

Yes, that's right...this one is, in several ways, a bit lame! Well, not so much lame as it is sloppy, because wrapping vinyl around the tube was difficult impossible to get a smooth surface!

Here's the story:

During a very rough weekend, I discovered that my supply box, filled with paints, stains, brushes, rags, and all my goodies, was not leak proof. A can of stain had tipped over, and leaked out into the supply box, which in turn leaked out onto my seat. The stain is not only on my seat, but also all over my paintbrushes! Oh noooo....we can't have that! I can clean the brushes easy enough....the seat will be a problem for a minute.

Another issue I was having was with scraps of vinyl in my Silhouette box, making me look like a slob untidy. I have gotten a couple of orders recently of vinyl from MyVinylDirect, and the vinyl comes in tubes. I was thinking there had to be Something that I could do with these study tubes rather than toss them. So on Tuesday of this week, it hit me! Why not use one for brushes and one for scraps! My first tube was for my paintbrushes and didn't turn out too bad really.

I wanted to do something for myself anyway, and wanted them to look pretty. Being super aware of using vinyl to decorate the tubes, not wanting to waste one bit of vinyl, I decided to part with a few sheets to dress the tubes up. I used scraps to cut the lettering, and as I fought with the vinyl wrapping around the tube, I questioned my idea. I just couldn't get a smooth surface no matter how much I tried to push and rub the bubbles out. Since it isn't a Huge deal for my own stuff, I gave up and finished the project. I will always have time to figure out how to do this better in the future!

My scrap tube gave me the most trouble. The purple vinyl just would Not lay down bubble free! I also forgot to take the excess vinyl off of the lettering, and have to work it differently. This is the tube that will hold all of my little scraps and be hidden in my Silhouette box, which fits perfectly, so I am not going to stress about it, but wowzer, what an eyesore! LOL

See all of those wrinkles? They will drive me nuts and will probably get fixed soon! At least I don't have vinyl scraps and transfer tape loose in the box, getting in my way now, so it works. 

Now to make up for my sloppy work on my tubes, I made a dandelion reverse stencil. This was something I wanted to try despite the vinyl 'waste' and again, I used scraps to make this. I cut the dandelion file found in the Silhouette Studio, applied it to my board and painted it all. After the paint was dry, I removed the vinyl. Then I wanted it to look a touch more realistic, so I cut some grass using Silhouette Studio again, and added the grass under my dandelions. 

It needs the trim of the board painted in this picture, and Mod Podge to seal it all, but it is at my dad house right now so will not be done for another day or two, till I remember to bring it home. 

These projects are my contributions to he Silhouette Challenge for August, 2013. There are lots of beautiful projects completed this month by all of the other wonderful gals in the group and you can visit them all by following the links below! Be sure to let them know how much you like their projects because we all work hard each month to bring something new and cool to the table! 

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Update on moving!

Just a quick update for those who would like to know. Today I secured my new place n Washington!

It is a mobile home, an older one, but with new carpet and new vinyl in the bathroom. I was fortunate enough to have a good rental history with a property management outfit in the Tacoma area and they are happy to have me back! It is a 3 bedroom, 1bath, on a large piece of property that is fenced and cross fenced. It comes with a washer and dryer, yard maintenance, and water and sewer is paid. It is in the country there and I will be perfectly safe with my overly protective German Shepherds! After a year of living with my brother, one still is not fully sure she trusts him and nips at him if he touches my old fat cat.

My parents have loaned me the money I need to secure this mobile and to get by until I can get back to work. The job I left there now pays $25.41/hr so I stand to bring home over $700/wk. There is also a new Amazon warehouse there and I have heard it pays $18/hr, with the potential to bring home over $2,000/mo My rent at this property will be $875/mo, so I can easily afford it no matter what job I end up at.

I still need to finish up painting that dining room table and chairs, clean up my sideboard that I brought with me to sell (no I am not taking it back-ever so heavy!) and sell a few other items. Last night I had a virtual yard sale on Facebook and sold everything I have already painted. I am now just waiting for a few of those people to make arrangements to pick up their purchases.

I have gathered boxes and began packing yesterday. Having secured the mobile, I can now pack and plan accordingly. Having a week to wrap up the final details of my life here this past year. My brother is borrowing a large trailer to haul my things back for me, and will also visit his twin daughters while in the area.

Looking forward to putting my life together without a doubt, but totally stoked to be back where I can see my kids and grands often!

As my readers, you can definitely look for home decorating, organizing, and lots of country views coming up in a very short time here on my blog. I have plans already for window treatments! Can we say drop cloths!?!?!?!??!!

Now if only I could wiggle my Bewitched little nose and have the packing all done, time passed and be on the road to my new life! haha!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sale on Vinyl! Come get yours now!!!

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Just follow this link and grab your vinyl now! 
Craft Vinyl By The Sheet

Can ya tell I am excited about this fabulous offer??

Monday, August 5, 2013

I am moving!

I had hopes last week of this being a post saying I have my own house right here in Oregon to be moving into.

That job this all hinged on? Not a word from them. Go figure! I am a 56 year old woman from out of town. (Even though I have been here for a year!)

That is not the case though. Dad pulled some dirty pool, and as soon as he saw the house, started planning on him and mom moving into it, "until I could afford it". Last Saturday, I saw the For Sale sign for this house was gone. I mentioned it to mom and she told me of dad's plans.

If that doesn't feel like being set up for failure, I don't know what does!

I was careful to avoid his calls all weekend for fear I would say something I would regret. And I spent a good deal of a beautiful weekend in tears over my own dad playing dirty pool on me, his only daughter. He has always favored my brother's, but this takes the cake. He recently offered to give my brother $5000 to pay his taxes, and when I said I didn't file taxes because I Owe IRS...nothing! It has always been like this though. Yet, his planning behind my back for them to take over a house I wanted, it crushed me to the core.

Soooo, with only ten weeks of unemployment left, I have to get it together. I have to scramble like the dickens to figure out what now, right? I gave up a cute little house in Tacoma (rented) and a good job to come here to be here for my aging parents. I have tolerated as best I can, living with my brother who has his own way of doing things and in that, being pretty miserable.

This morning, I called my old Union Rep and for a sum of money, I can be back where I was, in good standing, and can be right back to work. Within days of paying a simple $20, I can be back to work rather quickly. Not to mention that I know tons of people in my field that can help me get called to work.

I am going Home. Home to Washington state where there is work. Where my kids and grands are. Where I have a chance of being okay.

Being in tears for 3 days straight over my dad's actions against me is not healthy. I have to go to be healthy and happy. Guess I was a fool to think this would work out. At least I tried. I did everything my dad asked of me this past year, and the one job I did get, wasn't 'good enough' in his book, I guess. Either way, the continued bad treatment is unacceptable, won't change and I cannot accept it.

My brother is making arrangements to get a big trailer to haul my stuff back. When he told me I sobbed. I brought two trailers full of my belongings here and I am not taking it all back. I plan to sell my bedroom set-that used to be my paternal Grandmother's; sell my sideboard; sell anything that is not essential to existing when I first get there. A couple of different friends have offered to give us (my dogs, cats & I) shelter till I get back on my feet. Everyone is keeping their eyes open for a place for me to move into when I get there.

I will be back in Washington before September 1st.

My dad will likely be angry. He is right now. He called this morning and I felt calm enough to answer the call. After asking what my brother is doing and if I work today (I am on call after all) he asked what I am mad about. I told him that it didn't feel good to know he had set me up for failure and it was unacceptable. What he doesn't know is I am going home. That conversation will come with the next few weeks as I pack and prepare. But I am going where I can make my happiness again. Where my happiness does not depend on dad's iffy games or on a job I didn't get, but where I know I have a job and where my family and true friends are. And the fabulous Mt. Rainier!

During this trying time, my blog will suffer. I now have to focus on sorting out what I have, am keeping and taking. I won't be painting during this time. I won't be crafting.

Don't fear though, I am going to continue to paint and craft once I have my own place in Washington again! And I will blog, too. There is no way to keep me away from it now, I am addicted! I just need a minute (or a few weeks) to regroup and then I will be back with a vengeance! Painting, learning, creating, and getting back to my happy place!

Thanks for being great fans, and I hope to see you all on the flip side!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Changes on the Horizon and my secret revealed.

The post below is no longer valid. Either I jinxed it or it was a far fetched pipe dream. Either way, it is void.

Instead, I plan now on gathering my belongings, salvaging what I can, selling it off, and taking myself and my pets back to Tacoma. My current situation living with my brother and being here to care for my parents is not beneficial to my state of mind or my general health. The emotional roller coaster I have been on has created a bitter environment for me and I struggle to maintain my sanity here.

I will continue to work on crafts to the best of my ability until I move and after I get settled back at home in Washington, but my posts are likely to be sporadic until I can get moved back. I believe with all of my heart that moving here was detrimental to my well being and has caused more grief than it is worth.

Please bear with me while I regroup and relocate!


Hello ~

I know I have been slacking when it comes to my blog and I apologize for that. I am so grateful to all who read here and keep up on my makeovers! I have found that it is difficult to manage my time with Changes on the Horizon!

Many of you know that I accepted a part time/on call job. It was filling in for a cook, and last night was my last night. I am grateful for finally having the opportunity to work! I now have the option to continue working in the same facility doing other things, and I very well may pursue the training to do this. I will know more later today. The facility is for teens in treatment, recovering from alcohol and drugs and other issues. Amazingly enough, I really enjoyed this kids! I did 7 shifts in the kitchen, and found it heart warming to hear one of the boys tell me last night that he will miss me! How sweet is that!

Along with this opportunity, I also applied for another position at an assembly line type company. They cut the wood for windows. This is one of the better jobs in town, so of course, I am hoping to get it, but have to prepare for not getting it too.

Either way, working is cutting into my time doing makeovers. I have far less time, not to mention energy, to get projects completed. It is difficult to manage time with so much going on in one's personal life and working to boot! Since the beginning of this blog, I have had all the free time I needed to work on projects and blog about it.

And now for my secret!!!!

With the work schedule added to my days, there is also a Huge possibility that I might be starting to look for my own house. Provided one of the positions I am pursuing pays enough to provide me with the income to pay my bills. I have lived with my brother for a year, since moving to Oregon and have wished for a house of my own all the way. My parents are willing to help me get into a house, if I can pay the bills associated with it. We are not talking about renting here, but buying!!!!! I was reluctant to say anything about this for fear I would jinx it, but decided to tell you all, in hopes that you all can send a prayer that it can come true!

This possibility means more to me than you all will ever know! It means that first and foremost, I will have the space to live normally. I moved from a small house in Tacoma into an 8 x 12 bedroom in my brother's house. All of my things are basically still in storage, out in the garage. All of my crafting stuff is spread out all over the house, garage, upstairs, and my finished projects are in dad's garage. I feel so scattered and lost with my things everywhere but under my control. So getting a house of my own, would mean collecting myself. It would mean putting together my life in a way that would be organized, clean and all in one place for the first time in a year. It would be HUGE!

Not to mention the ability to finally decorate my own house the way I want it; to be able to paint my walls the colors I want them; to be able to continue my crafts and take them to sales over the Holidays and to fairs and other big events. Things I have yearned to do but felt I couldn't due to the scattered status. I have been dreaming about this point and time!

So please, my friends, pray for me to get the job that will make all of this possible. It has been far too long since I have felt complete!

I have an email in for an agent to send me listings of homes on the market here and hope to hear back from her in a few hours. I am not looking for a big house. Just a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. However, it must be fenced for these two...

And to be honest, I would like my OWN garage! After all, where would I work on makeovers without a garage?!

Here is one house that my dad is willing to look at

It is a nice house and fenced for my babies, but it doesn't have a garage. So I am going to continue looking and to follow up on the job leads to make this possible. 

The good news is, today I will get to finish up a few projects! Being that last night was my final night in the kitchen, I will be working away on the dining set and a dresser too. There is not much left to do on the dresser....add some decorations to it, put the new knobs on it and it will be revealed, hopefully later today!