Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Silhouette Intricate Cut

I have been working on a few pieces to get them read for my big yard sale this weekend and trying to make a 'set' out of mis-matched pieces by painting in similar colors. I am also very new to using my Silhouette Portrait, but it seems that my Oval Coffee Table was a big hit, with it's intricate flourishes.

If you look closely at the coffee table, it has little oval insets below the table top, on either side of the drawer, and they wrap around the table. I painted them black. So this next project, is a black stand that could easily be used as an entertainment stand, or set behind the couch, in an entry way, or various other uses. I have been waiting to post it because I was waiting for today to get more vinyl.

As soon as possible, I went to work on my cuts for the second piece of my color coordinated 'set'  and here it is!

I did the same centerpiece as I did on the Oval Coffee table; a Chrysanthemum.

Then for the corners, I did a very delicate cut. I will admit upfront here that I did have trouble with this flourish. Getting it to stick well on the transfer paper was tough, and preventing rips in the vinyl was nearly impossible, so the corners do have a few flaws. 

This piece has a top that opens up and a cubby inside which I painted the same cream color as the coffee table. I think a little light would be a terrific addition to the inside of the lid to be able to reach in and click it on to highlight ones nick nacks!

Now I will just wipe down the finger prints and dust, then seal as I did on the coffee table with Mod Podge and this piece will be ready for a new home too! Hopefully this and the coffee table will sell together, as I am sure they will make for a beautiful combination in any one's home! 

I will be heading to dad's to work on my end tables and the sewing table that "complete" this set this afternoon, and then to wrap up the dresser I am also working on, so stay tuned for another upcoming post to see them all together! 

My 2nd big yard sale is this weekend, scheduled to correspond with tourists season and out town's Miner's Jubilee this weekend. Finger's crossed that this sale goes as splendidly as the last! 

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