Monday, July 1, 2013

Sharing a Summer E-Course Giveaway

Hey there peeps!

I want to share this incredible opportunity to win a free E -course Giveaway over at City Farmhouse!

Jen loves to share everything she knows, and this is an awesome opportunity to learn from a wonderful lady with class! AND...entering is so easy, you simply won't want to miss this! So head on over and enter to win her Decorating Ideas For Summer E-Course Giveaway!

But before you go, I also want to share a little encouragement.

So many of us enter Giveaway's to win a Silhouette cutting machine through Rafflecopter Giveaway's. I entered for about 6 months straight, and at times I felt discouraged. So, I want you to know that it IS possible to win! I did, just last month! So it really does happen! I am so thrilled to finally get to pick up some vinyl today and get to creating some totally awesome projects to share with you all very very soon. And let me tell you.... Silhouette America ships fast too! I got the news on June 14th that I won, and my new Silhouette Portrait was delivered on June 24th!

With new Giveaway's and Promotions starting today, this IS the time to enter and win one for yourself so you can create all of the beauty your heart desires! So get out there and enter, and don't forget to take advantage of the promotions too!

Have a beautiful Monday!! I know I will :)

One more thing, my lovies! I Just found out that I was accepted to be an affiliate for so I am including a link so you can head on over and get your vinyl when ever you need it. I will also post this on my sidebar so you can find it easily any time you want to go shopping for your Vinyl needs! Craft Vinyl Sheets for Cricut Silhouette Cutters

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