Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review on Paint Minerals

I recently had the opportunity to use Paint Minerals! I have to say the experience was awesome. I was lucky enough to have a sample sent to me and was waiting for a piece that would be perfect to apply Paint Minerals to.

Once I found the right piece, I mixed my Paint Minerals sample and went to work. I actually used it on my sewing stand from an earlier post! (Please note that this piece is finished but waiting on new knobs to complete it)

I chose the cream color at my local Ace Hardware and mixed the Paint Minerals to it, following the directions included. The moment I dipped my brush into the paint, I knew it was going to be a fun experience! 

The paint truly is smooth and easy to apply. The Paint Minerals gave this paint the chalky texture that we all love so much. And it lasts forever! I applied two coats, only because the paint and sealant under this was black and glossy. I did no real prep prior to applying other than to repair things the piece needed, such as uneven application of the black glossy finish it had previously worn. 

The nice thing is that the Paint Minerals can be stored until you need it and it goes a long way. There is no worry about the paint drying up either. After two coats, I still have paint left, and it is stored in a plastic cup with Press and Seal covering the cup. I check it every day, use it every day, and still have enough to paint a sign! All of this from a sample!

So if you are interested in using Paint Minerals, I would definitely recommend it! A little bit definitely goes a long way, provides the results you are looking for and is simple to mix and apply. 

With the piece above I chose to use wax to enhance the colors, especially the burgundy. Paint Minerals takes wax easily and buffs right up just as other paint brands do. I am looking forward to using this product again, and soon! 

UPDATE: just a quick photo of the piece with it's new knobs...Nothing fancy but they did the trick