Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pure Earth Paint..a review you won't want to miss!

I just had the opportunity to try Pure Earth Paints! And I have to tell ya, this is a dreamy, creamy paint that performs so well!

I started with a dresser I picked up recently. Now this piece dictated a sanding due to it's condition. It was a mess. The existing paint had who knows what for a finish and was dirty and just needed some major TLC.  It had staples in it, as well as a few screws and sills that were not cleaned up, stickers that were stuck on.... you get the idea!

So yesterday I went to work on it. I sanded everything down and then washed it. Then as soon as everything was dry, I started painting. 

The minute I dipped my brush in Pure Earth Paints, I was in love! It is rich and creamy and smooth. ( I did stir it first! ) This paint went on sooo smooth, that it took little effort, and the first coat was complete in no time. While I was waiting for paint to dry, I ran a few errands. I returned and applied a second coat in no time at all. The only reason I applied a second coat was that finish it had prior to starting, and I wanted full coverage. 

This is after my first coat. 

While I love this look, I do not love blue showing through the tan. 

Believe it or not, the two coats of paint didn't use 1/2 of my quart of paint! This piece is on the larger side, so this paint definitely goes a long way! 

I was also blessed enough to receive Pure Earth Paints Liquid Wax, which I used on this piece, late last week. Will ya look at the sheen? This wax is very easy to apply. No brush needed. Use our usual old white t shirt or even an old sock and apply a very light coat of the Liquid Wax. Wait 5 minutes and buff. Easy peasy and just look how stunning it makes the piece! 

Next up, I got some beautiful Opaque Copper Paint. I was so anxious to use it that I made a sign. Bet you can't tell which is paint and which is not in this photo! 

I will tell you....the trim is Opaque Copper Paint. The wording is made of matching copper card stock that I cut out with my Silhouette. 

Last but not least I also received Sunstone. It is a very pretty coral color and I have not painted anything with it quite yet, but it is just as nice as the rest of the products from Pure Earth Paints. I was lucky enough to win these products on a FaceBook Giveaway they recently ran, and while I was under no obligation to write a review, I wanted to, to let you all know what a fabulous product they offer. 

In my opinion, their shipping and packaging is quite professional as are the ladies the run the company, Melanie and Toni! Super nice ladies that are so easy to talk to in person or via email. 

Overall, I highly recommend trying Pure Earth Paints! Between the professionalism conducted in their business to their high quality paints with No VOC's and no toxicity. 

Be sure to visit the website at the links above and also at their Facebook page HERE!
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You won't be sorry as you get to know these terrific ladies and excellent paint line! 

Tune in again for my final reveal of the dresser makeover done strictly with Pure Earth Paints!