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Oval Coffee Table Reveal and more!

Welcome to my blog ! Today I am revealing my oval coffee table!

But first, a little back story, so you can fully appreciate the beauty you are about to see!

When this coffee table came to me, it was clear that it was vintage, yet in need of some TLC. I immediately had a dream to bring it back to life, and in doing so, creating a glorious new life in a beautiful home for it.

Such a pretty piece lacking luster and love! 

So soon after I brought this home, I found a creamy color that I fell in love with. I have developed an idea in my mind of matching several unique pieces to make them a set, so to speak. This lovely coffee table is the first of those pieces. 

Once she was painted, she looked lovely, but plain. I wanted more for her! About that time, I recieved an email from Lauren at The Thinking Closet. She told me that I should be sitting down, and went on to tell me I had won a Silhouette Portrait! After all the excitement of winning and doing a huge happy dance, my wheels started turning. 

Once my Silhouette arrived, just 10 days later, I started looking for something to dress this Oval Coffee table up with. I did play a little with my Silhouette prior to taking on this challenge. I made a sign using vinyl for practice. Then I went to work on Wednesday to make this piece the beauty she deserved to be. 

Isn't she beautiful? Simple, yet elegant? I have to tell you, I fell in love with these flourishes! 

This was only my 2nd cut with my Silhouette Portrait. It was the first time I used transfer paper. I was worried that I had picked designs that were far too intricate for a beginner. And I was almost right too! But I worked on this most of the day and succeeded!  The table top has wipe on poly on it, prior to the designs. At first they didn't want to stick (the poly was oil based *face palm*!), so I nursed them off of the transfer paper and now they are happy there. 

The table top was coated with an oil based Poly, so the vinyl wasn't thrilled about sticking at first. Once I had the designs on the table I let it sit overnight. In the meantime, I conducted a test of sorts. Using a piece of pallet wood, I painted then poly coated it. Once dry, I cut the word freedom out and applied to the wood. Immediately after setting the letters on the board, I applied Mod Podge, over the vinyl. Not only did this work, but it gave the board a shine and made it look quite nice. 

The purpose of the test board was to know if this would work for the table top. Today I applied the Mod Podge to the table top. Due to the rougher surface of the table top, at first it looked like it was going to backfire on me. I was cringing and close to tears a full blown panic attack kicking myself you know where! Then I decided to finish (I almost stopped in the middle of application...eeek!) and to let it fully dry to see the final results. The vinyl stayed put in place as I applied the Mod Podge. I just wanted it sealed as it could easily be a piece to get a lot of use. 

Once the Mod Podge dried, it was just as nice if not nicer! I used the matte Mod Podge, but the end result is more glossy. The next time I do a project like this, I will skip the wipe on Poly. No need for that when Mod Podge is so much better, doing exactly what I hoped it would but better! The only difference is the shine I got after using Mod Podge. I highly recommend when applying the MP, to be in a controlled environment so it doesn't dry too fast, before your piece is completely covered, and to use your brush strokes in the same direction. There is one spot on this table where I can see the MP going a different direction (Booo!) 

I just love this piece to pieces! 

Thank you Lauren! 

Now on to the good stuff!

I am participating in the Silhouette Challenge that Lauren started! Each month every one who wishes to participate, send the information to their post to Lauren, who in turn, sets up everything so we can share what the others have done for their monthly challenge. If you have a Silhouette and wish to join, please feel free to contact Lauren at The Thinking Closet! 

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