Thursday, July 18, 2013

A practice piece

I didn't take the proper time with this little cute table. It needs work on the surface, but it has fabulous details in the legs and is in great shape otherwise. I decided to try a little wood filler, slap on some paint, leave the legs be and see what happens.

I dry brushed the sides all around. 

And the top, despite the damage.

I want to redo it when I have more creative juices flowing so I can replace the top and pay closer attention to the details like the little details in the legs and in the center under the table. 

So this is a piece that will educate me in replacing the tops when they are damaged, and gives me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and mix it up, practice dry brushing and practice getting the shabby look I want to be able to do. 

It also filled in about 45 minutes of my evening to keep my mind off of starting a new job tomorrow. I have my yard sale scheduled for Saturday and was planning on doing all the last minute details tomorrow, but was called in to start training. This is a job that when I applied and interviewed, I was certain I would not get! It is for a cook...and anyone that has read my posts knows by now that a cook, I am NOT! LOL 

I was joking with my brother that maybe this job would result in my being a better cook, and that if that fails, maybe I could bring home leftovers...anything is better than my current cooking skills! I applied for another job today and have high hopes I get a call for it. At least it is working with wood and Not cooking! 

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