Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Paying Job...

Dear Readers,

I am sorry that I haven't posted anything cool lately. I have several projects going on, like a dresser shown in the background here

and this dining set that I have super cool plans for

But I have had to change my schedule around quite a bit. 

After over a year of no work, I finally landed a paying job. It is not one I am overly thrilled about, but I certainly won't complain. do appreciate having a paying job so I can work towards a few goals I have! I do not like cooking, at home or elsewhere. I have never applied for or taken a cooks position because of that fact. However, this job is a cooking position, for an institution that helps teens recover from alcohol and drug abuse. When I applied, the ad said 'working with troubled teens' so I wanted to know more. I have been there, done that, so who knows, right?

Well, I went to the interview only to discover that it is a cooks job. During the interview, I was asked questions about things like 'at what temp do you store foods?' My answer? Cold. Another question was, 'what would you do if you were supposed to make a meatloaf, but your meat was still frozen?' My answer? Try to thaw in cold water, or change the menu!

Long story short, I got the job, somehow. I told them multiple times during the interview "A cook I am Not!" So I was shocked when they called to offer me a part time/on call position.

I started training last Friday. Since I had a yard sale planned for Saturday I could not work that day, and had three days off. I went back to work yesterday, and this week I am scheduled for 32.5 hours, and the same for next week. What?? I thought this was part time and on call?! Turns out a lady is out on medical leave so I am filling in for her and training at the same time.

Being that yesterday was my 2nd day, I was certain I would have someone with me all through the shift. But when I got there, I was informed I would be alone for a good deal of my shift. No way! I tell them, now wait a minute... I am not a cook, it is my 2nd day and you are leaving me alone? Are you CRAZY?

Well, day shift gets off at 2:30. I started at 12:30. The boss would be there at 3:30 so that left me alone for an hour. No biggie. Institutional cooking isn't really too bad in the long run. Once the other lady returns from her leave, I will move on to training in other aspects of the job; other positions, and then I will be able to choose which position I am most comfortable with.

Also, during all of this, we are experiencing a heat wave, and the least amount of rain in this region in a decade. Normally it rains buckets for short periods throughout July, and this month we have had barely a trace.

So hopefully I will find time to work on getting the dresser finished and the dining set too so I have some cool things to share real soon. Please don't fear, I will work things out to keep up with my projects and blog and work this new job too. I value my reader's and want you all to stick around to see what I come up with next! I still have craft projects and a custom build I hope to finish some day too! (that one has been on the back burner for waaay too long!)

So ...until the next time...have a sun shiny day!