Sunday, July 28, 2013

Painting a Dining Table

I finally managed to start painting this dining table! By the time I got to it today it was already starting to cool down and get dark, and I have no lights in the garage so had to stop for the night.

I did the sanding last week. The top is no longer looking rough and beat up. I also did some sanding on the chairs, but they actually look pretty good and didn't require too much work, other than a few spots here and there. 

So, the color I am using is like this French Linen ... The light tan. I have plans for this table that I hope will knock your socks off! 

Due to working a real job now I have been slower than usual with getting projects started and finished and I apologize for that! 

Here is a sneak peek at where it is as of tonight! 

Keep in mine, this is just the beginning of a vision and there is lots more to come, so you will definitely have to come back very soon to see how it progresses. I don't have to work tomorrow so have high hopes of getting a good deal done, bright and early i the morning while it is still cool!

I also managed to wrap up my end tables, but failed to take a picture of them as well as did the touch ups on a dresser. Both of those need waxing or sealed, and the dresser needs knobs. So despite the heat and feeling lazy as always, I finally got something accomplished. Be sure to tune in again, to see those projects completed as well! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Paying Job...

Dear Readers,

I am sorry that I haven't posted anything cool lately. I have several projects going on, like a dresser shown in the background here

and this dining set that I have super cool plans for

But I have had to change my schedule around quite a bit. 

After over a year of no work, I finally landed a paying job. It is not one I am overly thrilled about, but I certainly won't complain. do appreciate having a paying job so I can work towards a few goals I have! I do not like cooking, at home or elsewhere. I have never applied for or taken a cooks position because of that fact. However, this job is a cooking position, for an institution that helps teens recover from alcohol and drug abuse. When I applied, the ad said 'working with troubled teens' so I wanted to know more. I have been there, done that, so who knows, right?

Well, I went to the interview only to discover that it is a cooks job. During the interview, I was asked questions about things like 'at what temp do you store foods?' My answer? Cold. Another question was, 'what would you do if you were supposed to make a meatloaf, but your meat was still frozen?' My answer? Try to thaw in cold water, or change the menu!

Long story short, I got the job, somehow. I told them multiple times during the interview "A cook I am Not!" So I was shocked when they called to offer me a part time/on call position.

I started training last Friday. Since I had a yard sale planned for Saturday I could not work that day, and had three days off. I went back to work yesterday, and this week I am scheduled for 32.5 hours, and the same for next week. What?? I thought this was part time and on call?! Turns out a lady is out on medical leave so I am filling in for her and training at the same time.

Being that yesterday was my 2nd day, I was certain I would have someone with me all through the shift. But when I got there, I was informed I would be alone for a good deal of my shift. No way! I tell them, now wait a minute... I am not a cook, it is my 2nd day and you are leaving me alone? Are you CRAZY?

Well, day shift gets off at 2:30. I started at 12:30. The boss would be there at 3:30 so that left me alone for an hour. No biggie. Institutional cooking isn't really too bad in the long run. Once the other lady returns from her leave, I will move on to training in other aspects of the job; other positions, and then I will be able to choose which position I am most comfortable with.

Also, during all of this, we are experiencing a heat wave, and the least amount of rain in this region in a decade. Normally it rains buckets for short periods throughout July, and this month we have had barely a trace.

So hopefully I will find time to work on getting the dresser finished and the dining set too so I have some cool things to share real soon. Please don't fear, I will work things out to keep up with my projects and blog and work this new job too. I value my reader's and want you all to stick around to see what I come up with next! I still have craft projects and a custom build I hope to finish some day too! (that one has been on the back burner for waaay too long!)

So ...until the next time...have a sun shiny day!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A practice piece

I didn't take the proper time with this little cute table. It needs work on the surface, but it has fabulous details in the legs and is in great shape otherwise. I decided to try a little wood filler, slap on some paint, leave the legs be and see what happens.

I dry brushed the sides all around. 

And the top, despite the damage.

I want to redo it when I have more creative juices flowing so I can replace the top and pay closer attention to the details like the little details in the legs and in the center under the table. 

So this is a piece that will educate me in replacing the tops when they are damaged, and gives me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and mix it up, practice dry brushing and practice getting the shabby look I want to be able to do. 

It also filled in about 45 minutes of my evening to keep my mind off of starting a new job tomorrow. I have my yard sale scheduled for Saturday and was planning on doing all the last minute details tomorrow, but was called in to start training. This is a job that when I applied and interviewed, I was certain I would not get! It is for a cook...and anyone that has read my posts knows by now that a cook, I am NOT! LOL 

I was joking with my brother that maybe this job would result in my being a better cook, and that if that fails, maybe I could bring home leftovers...anything is better than my current cooking skills! I applied for another job today and have high hopes I get a call for it. At least it is working with wood and Not cooking! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Silhouette Intricate Cut

I have been working on a few pieces to get them read for my big yard sale this weekend and trying to make a 'set' out of mis-matched pieces by painting in similar colors. I am also very new to using my Silhouette Portrait, but it seems that my Oval Coffee Table was a big hit, with it's intricate flourishes.

If you look closely at the coffee table, it has little oval insets below the table top, on either side of the drawer, and they wrap around the table. I painted them black. So this next project, is a black stand that could easily be used as an entertainment stand, or set behind the couch, in an entry way, or various other uses. I have been waiting to post it because I was waiting for today to get more vinyl.

As soon as possible, I went to work on my cuts for the second piece of my color coordinated 'set'  and here it is!

I did the same centerpiece as I did on the Oval Coffee table; a Chrysanthemum.

Then for the corners, I did a very delicate cut. I will admit upfront here that I did have trouble with this flourish. Getting it to stick well on the transfer paper was tough, and preventing rips in the vinyl was nearly impossible, so the corners do have a few flaws. 

This piece has a top that opens up and a cubby inside which I painted the same cream color as the coffee table. I think a little light would be a terrific addition to the inside of the lid to be able to reach in and click it on to highlight ones nick nacks!

Now I will just wipe down the finger prints and dust, then seal as I did on the coffee table with Mod Podge and this piece will be ready for a new home too! Hopefully this and the coffee table will sell together, as I am sure they will make for a beautiful combination in any one's home! 

I will be heading to dad's to work on my end tables and the sewing table that "complete" this set this afternoon, and then to wrap up the dresser I am also working on, so stay tuned for another upcoming post to see them all together! 

My 2nd big yard sale is this weekend, scheduled to correspond with tourists season and out town's Miner's Jubilee this weekend. Finger's crossed that this sale goes as splendidly as the last! 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pure Earth Paint..a review you won't want to miss!

I just had the opportunity to try Pure Earth Paints! And I have to tell ya, this is a dreamy, creamy paint that performs so well!

I started with a dresser I picked up recently. Now this piece dictated a sanding due to it's condition. It was a mess. The existing paint had who knows what for a finish and was dirty and just needed some major TLC.  It had staples in it, as well as a few screws and sills that were not cleaned up, stickers that were stuck on.... you get the idea!

So yesterday I went to work on it. I sanded everything down and then washed it. Then as soon as everything was dry, I started painting. 

The minute I dipped my brush in Pure Earth Paints, I was in love! It is rich and creamy and smooth. ( I did stir it first! ) This paint went on sooo smooth, that it took little effort, and the first coat was complete in no time. While I was waiting for paint to dry, I ran a few errands. I returned and applied a second coat in no time at all. The only reason I applied a second coat was that finish it had prior to starting, and I wanted full coverage. 

This is after my first coat. 

While I love this look, I do not love blue showing through the tan. 

Believe it or not, the two coats of paint didn't use 1/2 of my quart of paint! This piece is on the larger side, so this paint definitely goes a long way! 

I was also blessed enough to receive Pure Earth Paints Liquid Wax, which I used on this piece, late last week. Will ya look at the sheen? This wax is very easy to apply. No brush needed. Use our usual old white t shirt or even an old sock and apply a very light coat of the Liquid Wax. Wait 5 minutes and buff. Easy peasy and just look how stunning it makes the piece! 

Next up, I got some beautiful Opaque Copper Paint. I was so anxious to use it that I made a sign. Bet you can't tell which is paint and which is not in this photo! 

I will tell you....the trim is Opaque Copper Paint. The wording is made of matching copper card stock that I cut out with my Silhouette. 

Last but not least I also received Sunstone. It is a very pretty coral color and I have not painted anything with it quite yet, but it is just as nice as the rest of the products from Pure Earth Paints. I was lucky enough to win these products on a FaceBook Giveaway they recently ran, and while I was under no obligation to write a review, I wanted to, to let you all know what a fabulous product they offer. 

In my opinion, their shipping and packaging is quite professional as are the ladies the run the company, Melanie and Toni! Super nice ladies that are so easy to talk to in person or via email. 

Overall, I highly recommend trying Pure Earth Paints! Between the professionalism conducted in their business to their high quality paints with No VOC's and no toxicity. 

Be sure to visit the website at the links above and also at their Facebook page HERE!
Give them a like and tell then Bev sent you! 

You won't be sorry as you get to know these terrific ladies and excellent paint line! 

Tune in again for my final reveal of the dresser makeover done strictly with Pure Earth Paints! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plaques and my Silhouette

As you all know, I have a Silhouette Portrait now and I have been experimenting with making new things. Yesterday, I stopped at a yard sale and picked up some plaques for $1.50-$2.00 each~

What a score! Especially since living in a small town these would be incredibly hard to access without driving 120 miles round trip and then paying higher prices most likely. So I was thrilled to find these at the sale, AND the lady has more! 

So today I got busy with my experiments. I first painted one cream and black. Then I cut the bicycle file with my Silhouette that was included with the software. I picked a bronze card stock to use. 

Once it was cut and weeded, I applied a layer of Mod Podge to the plaque, followed by the design. I also wrote Enjoy the Ride in a font included with the Silhouette Studio, and placed them on the plaque with Mod Podge. I did this in two different steps, mainly because I am so new to using images from Silhouette and really was trying to be careful. 

Even from a distance, I can see where the tires and spokes of the bike crinkled as I applied my top coat of Mod Podge. Crooked spokes! I just didn't realize the MP wasn't dry enough yet for a top coat. 

So then I tried again with different colors and I think this one turned out much better, other than the black background....What was I thinking!!! 

You can see the first coat of Mod Podge is still drying here and once fully dry, I will give it a top coat to seal the designs and letters n place. I need to work on keeping my lettering uniform, but at least the spokes are not bent and crooked this time! 

So aside from my learning curve glitches, which one do you like best?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Casper Cake

*This is Not a sponsored post and it is actually meant to be funny*

My brother can't believe I actually made a cake last night! When he was at the auction, I jumped in with a few ingredients and got to baking! He calls it Casper Cake! LOL

So here is what I used and how I did it:

I added the three eggs it called for, and only a splash of the oil it called for but I also added cinnamon applesauce- two of these...but the cinnamon flavored ones.
Mix it all up with my handy dandy mixer and pop it in the preheated oven.
Once out of the oven, I let it cool for oh...maybe 15 minutes.

Then I frosted it with this

Once the warm cake was frosted, I covered with cling wrap and went to bed!

Woke up this morning, and the frosting had absorbed into the cake throughout the center, leaving only a good coating of frosting around the edges

Now it is called Casper Cake....

Because evidently Casper the friendly ghost came in and worked his magic on my Spice Cake! 

But the best part?

The cake was is sooooo moist!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do Small Things...a pallet board project!

If you have a love for pallet projects, here is a simple one I made into a Copper sign!

The materials I used were one pallet board, my handy dandy mouse sander ( any sander will do), some stain-color of your choice, a bit of copper paint, small brush and a way to cut out your lettering. I used my new Silhouette cutting machine.

First of all, I use a reciprocating saw to break the pallets down. You can find several tutorials on how to do that online.

Next, I use my mouse sander to sand the board to be sure it won't give any one splinters, Don't 'cha just hate getting splinters?! Once sanded, I used an old rag to stain the board. I used MinWax Jacobean stain, for a dark look. I didn't worry so much about getting into all the cracks and crevices because I wanted the distressed look, but once I was done, I fell in love because it has that appearance of just being pulled out of the fire!

Then I chose a design from the Silhouette Studio and found it wouldn't work with my board because it was all connected, so I used the same wording but made my own that would run across the board. I cut the design out, and used Mod Podge to glue it on and seal it in. 

Once it was all dry, I added another coat of Mod Podge to coat the whole board and give it a more finished appearance. 

Easy peasy, one day project!

How do you make Your signs??

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I've been featured!

Yes, that's right! My Farmhouse Buffet received a very nice write up over at Furniture Flippin' !!

This is the very first time I have been featured anywhere, and Stephanie highlighted my Farmhouse Buffet today. I am really proud of this piece to start with, but wow! I feel like a star with the lovely post she wrote about it!

Why don't you head over and see all of the beautiful pieces that are featured on Furniture Flippin'! Stephanie is a wonderful lady, with kind words, and always lifting other's up and encouraging us all in our love for what we do. She is one of a kind, without a doubt! I first stumbled upon her sight through another great blogger and thought hey why not! At that time, this was my best piece, so I submitted it, and without fail, today is my Farmhouse Buffet's Feature article!

I want to thank Stephanie for her kind words, and for the Feature article!!!! I am in awe at how well she presented my piece to her readers!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Oval Coffee Table Reveal and more!

Welcome to my blog ! Today I am revealing my oval coffee table!

But first, a little back story, so you can fully appreciate the beauty you are about to see!

When this coffee table came to me, it was clear that it was vintage, yet in need of some TLC. I immediately had a dream to bring it back to life, and in doing so, creating a glorious new life in a beautiful home for it.

Such a pretty piece lacking luster and love! 

So soon after I brought this home, I found a creamy color that I fell in love with. I have developed an idea in my mind of matching several unique pieces to make them a set, so to speak. This lovely coffee table is the first of those pieces. 

Once she was painted, she looked lovely, but plain. I wanted more for her! About that time, I recieved an email from Lauren at The Thinking Closet. She told me that I should be sitting down, and went on to tell me I had won a Silhouette Portrait! After all the excitement of winning and doing a huge happy dance, my wheels started turning. 

Once my Silhouette arrived, just 10 days later, I started looking for something to dress this Oval Coffee table up with. I did play a little with my Silhouette prior to taking on this challenge. I made a sign using vinyl for practice. Then I went to work on Wednesday to make this piece the beauty she deserved to be. 

Isn't she beautiful? Simple, yet elegant? I have to tell you, I fell in love with these flourishes! 

This was only my 2nd cut with my Silhouette Portrait. It was the first time I used transfer paper. I was worried that I had picked designs that were far too intricate for a beginner. And I was almost right too! But I worked on this most of the day and succeeded!  The table top has wipe on poly on it, prior to the designs. At first they didn't want to stick (the poly was oil based *face palm*!), so I nursed them off of the transfer paper and now they are happy there. 

The table top was coated with an oil based Poly, so the vinyl wasn't thrilled about sticking at first. Once I had the designs on the table I let it sit overnight. In the meantime, I conducted a test of sorts. Using a piece of pallet wood, I painted then poly coated it. Once dry, I cut the word freedom out and applied to the wood. Immediately after setting the letters on the board, I applied Mod Podge, over the vinyl. Not only did this work, but it gave the board a shine and made it look quite nice. 

The purpose of the test board was to know if this would work for the table top. Today I applied the Mod Podge to the table top. Due to the rougher surface of the table top, at first it looked like it was going to backfire on me. I was cringing and close to tears a full blown panic attack kicking myself you know where! Then I decided to finish (I almost stopped in the middle of application...eeek!) and to let it fully dry to see the final results. The vinyl stayed put in place as I applied the Mod Podge. I just wanted it sealed as it could easily be a piece to get a lot of use. 

Once the Mod Podge dried, it was just as nice if not nicer! I used the matte Mod Podge, but the end result is more glossy. The next time I do a project like this, I will skip the wipe on Poly. No need for that when Mod Podge is so much better, doing exactly what I hoped it would but better! The only difference is the shine I got after using Mod Podge. I highly recommend when applying the MP, to be in a controlled environment so it doesn't dry too fast, before your piece is completely covered, and to use your brush strokes in the same direction. There is one spot on this table where I can see the MP going a different direction (Booo!) 

I just love this piece to pieces! 

Thank you Lauren! 

Now on to the good stuff!

I am participating in the Silhouette Challenge that Lauren started! Each month every one who wishes to participate, send the information to their post to Lauren, who in turn, sets up everything so we can share what the others have done for their monthly challenge. If you have a Silhouette and wish to join, please feel free to contact Lauren at The Thinking Closet! 

So please visit my friends at the links below to see what they did for their challenge projects this month! Hop around and enjoy all of these fabulous Silhouette Projects, created by some very talented peeps! 

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One last thing! I am an affiliate for so if you are needing to order vinyl, you can click the link below and order it now, just in time to start creating your new awesome project for next month's Challenge!
Craft Vinyl

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review on Paint Minerals

I recently had the opportunity to use Paint Minerals! I have to say the experience was awesome. I was lucky enough to have a sample sent to me and was waiting for a piece that would be perfect to apply Paint Minerals to.

Once I found the right piece, I mixed my Paint Minerals sample and went to work. I actually used it on my sewing stand from an earlier post! (Please note that this piece is finished but waiting on new knobs to complete it)

I chose the cream color at my local Ace Hardware and mixed the Paint Minerals to it, following the directions included. The moment I dipped my brush into the paint, I knew it was going to be a fun experience! 

The paint truly is smooth and easy to apply. The Paint Minerals gave this paint the chalky texture that we all love so much. And it lasts forever! I applied two coats, only because the paint and sealant under this was black and glossy. I did no real prep prior to applying other than to repair things the piece needed, such as uneven application of the black glossy finish it had previously worn. 

The nice thing is that the Paint Minerals can be stored until you need it and it goes a long way. There is no worry about the paint drying up either. After two coats, I still have paint left, and it is stored in a plastic cup with Press and Seal covering the cup. I check it every day, use it every day, and still have enough to paint a sign! All of this from a sample!

So if you are interested in using Paint Minerals, I would definitely recommend it! A little bit definitely goes a long way, provides the results you are looking for and is simple to mix and apply. 

With the piece above I chose to use wax to enhance the colors, especially the burgundy. Paint Minerals takes wax easily and buffs right up just as other paint brands do. I am looking forward to using this product again, and soon! 

UPDATE: just a quick photo of the piece with it's new knobs...Nothing fancy but they did the trick

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

To my fellow Americans! 

Today is like no other! It is America's 237th Birthday. The day we celebrate our freedom and remember all who have given their lives for this freedom and show our Respect to those who give their all for us on a daily basis. This doesn't mean just our military, but also our police, firefighter's, hospitals and their employees, and any and all servants that make America tick! 

I am not having family over or preparing a big fancy meal this year. I am not going out to watch, or having any fireworks at home. Instead I am sitting quietly, reflecting on all we as Americans have to be grateful for. I am enjoying the peaceful morning and simply reflecting. I remember big moments in history. I remember those who have affected my life in positive ways. I remember my manners and how to show respect, and how to honor those who have earned the utmost.

As this day moves forward, I ask that each and every one of you take a moment to do the same. To reflect quietly and remember what America is about. 

It is not about any one of us but about ALL of us, as Americans. It is about those who have given their all, their lives, made sacrifices and continue to so, for the sake of our country and our freedom.

We do not have the right to bring harm to our fellow Americans. We do not have the right to harm our children. But we, as Americans, should hold ourselves to the highest standards, and embrace the love for which this country was built upon and which carries each Individual to Love our Country! 

As each of you go on about your day, please show respect to each individual who crosses your path as if that individual deserves out ultimate Respect. If we each do this, there would be no violence, no hatred, no battles for this day. If we all do this every day for one week, one month, one year, perhaps, just maybe, we can Unite as One and make our Forefather's Proud of us as an Undivided nation once again!

My Peace be with my Brother's and Sister's in this Land Of The Free! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A new Sewing stand, perhaps?

I picked up this sweet little stand a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale and the first thing I thought was that it looked like a sewing stand. With 4 drawers in it to hold all of your sewing supplies, like threads and patterns. Of course this would also make a cute crafting stand, for smaller projects, and to hold all of our crafts supplies like glues, glitters, scissors and the like too!

Once I got it home, dad and I got to looking and it is really two night stands put together to make this cute thing! So, I brought it to my house and began working on it. It needed to be sanded, drawers fixed, the back middle legs needed to be cut off because half of two legs do not make a whole and served no purpose. Once I got it all ready, I primed it since it was black. I also filled a lot of gouges in the top with wood filler. 

Then I discovered that the drawers were lined with contact paper. Rather than trying to peel it off, I painted over the layers of paint on that. It was so stuck it would never have come off. I swear this thing had at least three colors of paint already! 

So here is the nearly complete stand. Still need to wax and decide on new knobs for it. Will be complete in the morning! 

The little gal will match my end tables and a coffee table that I will be sharing with you all on Monday! 

I also experimented with my Silhouette and Mod Podge. I was testing to see if Mod Podge can be applied on top of vinyl because, well, I need to know! And what better way to know these things than to experiment?

The Mod Podge works well on this and ensures my itty bitty letters (I forgot to resize them) stays on the board. 

Next up, I am going to be prepping a dresser that needs a lot of sanding and priming and when I paint it, I will be using Pure Earth Paints! And their wax as well! I can't wait for it to come so I can play, and want to thank Melanie and Toni for sending it my way. Can't wait to see how the dresser looks when it is done and share with all of you wonderful people! 

Have a very Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your families, good food and have lots of FUN!

Monday, July 1, 2013

My First Silhouette Craft!

I finally managed to get some vinyl today and went right to work making my first craft.

Nothing extravagant, by any means, because I wanted something simple to practice with.

I messed up a little. you will see when you look at it.

First I downloaded the design from the Silhouette Online Studio and cut it out. The first word came out too small for what I was looking for though. I should have just made my own since it was so simple!

Several days ago, I sanded and painted my pallet wood in preparation of this project.
After making this simple cut, I tried to make the first word bigger to fit the pallet wood, and somehow managed to not get my vinyl lined up correctly, and I didn't catch it until after I cut that word again, so the top of the G is cut off :(  I also did not use the transfer paper, thinking it was just three simple words, how can I go wrong? Needless to say they are not lined up correctly! But it is what it is, and it will get better.

I had also tried my hand earlier at cutting out a stencil for stars and used that to make my flag painted on canvas. As you can see these two projects are sitting on a stand that I painted, but oh my, does it ever look sad! 

Here is a picture of my sad painting job. I just don't like the bright blue drawers against the burgundy, so it is getting something else later this afternoon. 

So there ya have it...the good that I tried; the I cut off the top of the G and the ugly...the stand.